Sunday, December 23, 2012

16 Days of Christmas Vacation - Day 2

Christmas with the family!

Day 2- December 23rd Photo of the day
At the in-laws. Just loved this shot today for some reason. I see it every time I go, but this time I actually took the picture. 

And since it was "Christmas", here are a few more.

Grandpa Joe with the leaf blower.

D & J digging.

J & J

R getting something probably exciting. 

D getting a fun faces thing.

D getting a gift card. I don't remember getting gift cards that young. 

R getting her big present. J did good. 

Every year instead of getting gifts, Ditz and I make up a game that the adults get to play and there are cash prizes. This was this years winning team. All the girls minus Judi. This years game was opposite family fued where the object was to get the least amount of points. It was pretty fun. 

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