Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hey Guys!

Here are a few pictures from the past few months.

Ditz and I at my Christmas party. He hates having his picture taken so he makes faces. Not only was this picture posted on Facebook, it was posted here and on my company blog. Maybe he'll quit making faces? 

My sweet friend Natalie and I at the Christmas Party

This is me. New favorite picture of myself. It really screams me. 

My other sweet friend Laura and I.

Me, Antoine & Natalie - The Dallas team minus Leticia. 
My department. I run these guys! Love them all bunches!
Natalie, Jen, me & Pam - some of my work girls. I have no idea what bad thing was happening to my hair. 
I did a doggy photo shoot in August. My two dogs are on the left and my mom's dog is on the right. We got some really great shots.

Then a shoot a month later in my backyard with my mom's new puppy. 

Ditz, my mom, my dad and I all ran** a 5K on Thanksgiving. Ditz is not amused. 

We all got these really great medals. Ditz is still not amused. He beat me by a lot so he should have been happy. 

Here we are at the start. I said we ran** a 5K because everyone else did. I tried, but in the first quarter mile I rolled my ankle for the bagillionth time. I ended up tearing all three ligaments in my ankle. No running and intense physical therapy for the next 8 weeks, awesome. PT started in mid December and I've been told I'll be lucky if I am running again (or really doing any high impact activity - I'm only cleared to cycle) late February / early March. Big frownie face here. 

Why doesn't he smile? This was the day we got Judi to be adventurous and eat new to her foods. We ended up eating escargot pot pie. It was actually pretty good. 

Then we were the ultimate tourists and took a horse drawn carriage ride through downtown Dallas. 

Yes, we posed with the horse. Hello, we are cool. 

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