Sunday, August 30, 2009

08.29.09 Photo of the Day

This weeks Saturday Snapshot challenge of Katrina's blog was a scavenger hunt of sorts. We had to find: four, red & sweet. We could've taken multiple photos to get all three, but I went with one photo. This is an old timey truck hauling four red Twizzler Bites. My computer crashed on Friday night, so all of my photo editing software is unavailable to me. I would make some adjustments to the color, but I guess it is what it is. Hopefully, someone smarter than me can get my laptop running again. Ditz has been trying to fix it since Friday night, with no luck so far. He was able to go in through a backdoor and get all the files that I hadn't moved to the EHD yet, but so far that's it. Crossing my fingers it gets fixed!!


  1. Fun shot and so glad you posted! Adding your blog to my reader! :)

    I hope you're computer is up and running soon!

  2. Broken computer is like a broken marriage, you may get back on track but you never trust it to work when you really need it too.


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