Monday, August 31, 2009

He's my hero...

So, Friday afternoon I get home from work and go to turn on my laptop and wouldn't you know it - nothing. It just sat there, like ha-ha I am not working. I just used it in the office all day Friday so I can't imagine what happened to it between me leaving the office and getting home, but I guess that's how things go sometime. When Ditz got home, I asked him to make it better. After running some diagnostic stuff, he told me it was f'ed. I almost started to cry. I had not backed anything up on the external hard drive in a month, just been too busy. So the 4,000 (that's right, I said 4,000) photos that I had taken so far in August were gone. Poof. Just like that. There were a bunch that I just loved and had planned on printing to fill some of the empty walls in our house. Then Ditz told me that maybe he could backdoor his way in to get me those files. It took all weekend and tons of things that I don't understand, but he was able to recover my files off my harddrive just long enough for us to move everything over to the EHD. I will never go that long without backing up ever again. I am just luck that I was smart enough to marry a engineer, who just happens to be working on software type stuff at work. He's my hero..... Now if the office would just replace my hard drive quickly so I can get back to scrappin, that'd be great!! : )

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