Wednesday, November 4, 2009

11.02.09 Photo of the Day

After 8 months it is finally completed. Here's what happened. We painted a square to see if we liked the color. It stayed that way for a month. We finally painted the entire wall, but didn't put the finishing touches on it. It stayed that way for two months. We had a photo of Ditz's framed (the orange one) and hung it up on the wall. It stayed that way for two months. We bought two more frames so that we could have a total of three. Those two frames stayed on the ground for two months with no pictures in them. Then Ditz decided to hang them - with no pictures in them (there was a piano picture in them but the piano was sideways) and it stayed that way for a month. And then last week, I ordered pictures and ta-da, 8 months later our wall is complete! (Except to replace the light switch and outlet - I can't find the ones I originally picked out!)


  1. I am surprised you choose your second favorite color--green. Where is the orange!
    I know it is not popular but the hook things the now dead Billy Mays sold for hanging pictures really works and leaves very small holes in the wall.

  2. Seriously Ditz would have shot me if I painted a wall orange. : 0


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