Wednesday, November 4, 2009

11.03.09 Photo of the Day

I should be upset with the weeds in our yard, but I figure we can't keep them out considering we are the only house on our side of the street and all the lots surrounding us used to be owned by a now defunct builder, so the city maintains them. So we have no one helping with our cause. Plus we have been 100% organic since we bought our house and I know we could dump chemicals on it and they would go away, but we are just not going to do that. any organics out there...Do you guys have any organic lawn reccommendations? We've just been basically listening to the folks at Green Mama's (an all organic nursery), but it would be nice to here some success stories!


  1. I heard that if you blow on them, they will go away--kidding. Organic--I heard also if you poured boiling water on the weed it would kill it. Seriously.

  2. I thought you should know some dogs are afraid of their shadows.


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