Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12.28.09 Photo of the Day

The last of the Christmas lights. We went to the Enchanted Christmas lights display in Sherwood, Arkansas. It was done by donation only and I will be teased for quite some time about the $10 I gave.

12.27.09 Photo of the Day

Rest stop photography. I think I should do a book. This is a tree in the rest area just across the border into Arkansas from Texas.

12.26.09 Photo of the Day

Not sure if you can tell what these are, but if not I'll share. These are cheap 5 for $1 wooden spoons. Big item on my Christmas wishlist was new wooden spoons and I got a few from four different people so I was able to rid the world of the old ones!

Friday, December 25, 2009

12.25.09 Photo of the Day

A white Christmas!! We had a record five inches fall in Argyle, Texas (where my in-laws live). I watched the sun rise thanks to Chase who wanted to wake up at 4:30 and open Christmas presents. : )

12.24.09 Photo of the Day

Freak blizzard in Texas on Christmas Eve. I can't remember ever having a white Christmas although my mom assures me that I have. Once Chase figured out that the snow was like ice (he loves to eat ice) we could hardly get him back in the house!

12.23.09 Photo of the Day

Another night of looking at Christmas lights. This time we mapped out a few of the lights that are synchranized to music and checked them out. That bottom light is two cars going through my shot. : )

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

12.22.09 Photo of the Day

Our family bible. I just happened to be in our front room looking for something to photograph and this just jumped out at me. As long as I have had it it's been opened to this one page. It's so close to falling apart that at this point I am too afraid to shut it.

12.21.09 Photo of the Day

Somebody sent me a box of chocolate for Christmas, but I think it wasn't sealed very well. Somehow during shipping a mouse got in the package. It's ok though because I ate him and he tasted good.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I ♥ Faces: Holiday Traditions & 12.20.09 Photo of the Day

This week over at I Faces is a non judged week where we get to tell a story in pictures.  This weeks theme is Holiday traditions.  My hubby and I went on our first date in mid December.  He took me to Bob's Steakhouse (I love steak - seriously) and after dinner on the way back to my apartment we drove through a neighborhood in Plano looking at Christmas lights.  This was no ordinary neighborhood. Their HOA (home owners association for those who don't have one) requires that very house participate in holiday decorations. It was just beautiful. In 2007 we even drive to Natchitoches, Louisiana to see the Christmas Festival of Lights. Anyone in that neck of the woods should certainly make a trip to see their lights, they are fabulous. So that's our holiday tradition. Christmas lights, we just love them!  This year, we just drove around our neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods looking at all the lights.  That brings me to my photo of the day:

This is the fountain in the neighborhood next to ours.  Usually it is just lit in white, but this time of year they change it to green.  This photo was taken using a 5 second exposure.

Another picture from last night was this really cool truck.  The used truck lot near our house does this every year and last year I never got around to taking a picture, so I am sure glad they are still around so that I could get this one picture!

This house won first place for decorations in the neightboorhood across the way.  Of the six surrounding neighborhoods, last night we were able to find five of the first place houses.  Which is not easy to do considering some of the neighborhoods have 500 houses in them!

This picture was taken in 2007 at the Christmas Festival of Lights.  As you can see there were a million or so lights (this was the view that had the least amount of lights - but it had the bridge in it which I thought was cool).

And I couldn't do an I Faces post without including at least one face.  This is me and the hubby in 2007.  We did a really long exposure and I guess that Ditz moved and thats why there are two of him. Even with that this is one of my favorite pictures of us.

Want to see more Holiday traditions? Head over to I ♥ Faces!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

12.19.09 Photo of the Day

So my mother-in-law will tell you that she doesn't like cats. She'll swear it up and down, but then like clock work at around six o'clock in the evening this is the sight that you see at her back door. There are three cats in the picture, but there are nine that live on the property that she feeds daily and buys them toys. She's a cat lover. : )

12.18.09 Photo of the Day

We bought these bulbs two weeks ago and planted them in a little planter in our living room. In just two weeks we got flowers, which is pretty stinking cool. Oh yeah, and there's the hubby playing a game on the computer.

Friday, December 18, 2009

12.17.09 Photo of the Day

This is my nifty new wine rack, but the Perrin and Rowe wine stopper on it. (I'll admit that today was a lazy picture day.  Just wasn't feeling in the photographic mood.)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

You Capture: Holiday Decor


I have been a little baaaaaaaahumbug about holiday decor this year.  It's only because it looks like Christmas threw up on our office. These things are all in my office and my office is maybe 2000 square feet, so keep that in mind.

First off there's the Christmas tree. I am sure my friend Pam loves that I put a photo of her backside up!

Then there are the little Christmas trees that people (not me) have on their desks.

Then there's the lighted garland that adorns everything that doesn't move. Gotta be quick or they'll put some on you.

Then there are stockings. Don't get me started on how annoyed I am about the stockings because people that are not in our office got upset that they didn't have a stocking with their name on it.  It was a whole big to do.  It was like being in grade school.

And lastly, the contribution that I made to the decorating. I will have you guys know that the Christmas Village was up way before any of the other stuff! : )

(The nighttime looking shots were all actually taken at 6:30 in the morning, but I am pretending they are evening shots!)

I love Christmas and all the stuff that comes with it, but I think that this year we went a little far!  Want to see more decor? Head on over to I should be folding laundry!

12.16.09 Photo of the Day

So annoyed with myself, I mean really. I left my camera at home - gasp! I made the cherry pies and snapped pictures while doing so the night before. Then I left my camera sitting on the kitchen counter. I remembered it as I was on my way to work, but thought oh well. Then since Ditz is in Atlanta, I decided to go shopping on my way home from work. And then. It happened. The most beautiful sunset that I have ever seen in my entire life. I am not kidding. The sky was a beautiful red and blue. This iPhone picture does not so it justice in anyway, shape or form. I'll be more careful next time. : )

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Morgan Freeman

I saw this today and thought it was funny.

12.15.09 Photo of the Day

The middle stage of my mini cherry pies that I am making for Natalie's birthday. I am not the baker of the office and I had to actually beg for it this time. I am hoping my concept will get me points around the office so that maybe I get to make something again. I liked this picture better than the one of the end product, but they turned out good and they actually tasted good.

(they are baked in 4 ounce mason jars)

12.14.09 Photo of the Day

So my friend Natalie and I waited until all the teen girls had seen twilight before braving a theater. The 2:00 showing had just gotten out and was packed, but oh well we have our tickets now.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I ♥ Faces: Pets Only

This weeks challenge over at I ♥ Faces is Pets!  I am lucky enough to have the super cutest pet in the world!  It was a really hard decision for me between a few photos, but opted to go with this one.  Chase is an agility dog and I have tons of ribbons to prove it. He's semi-retired now, but when my mom comes to town and is running her dog, I let him play too.  So here we are waiting for his last run of the day.  He's sitting in my lap, super excited and you can see the agility ring in the background.

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12.13.09 Photo of the Day

This is peppermint bark from William Sonoma, a household favorite of ours. Ditz's mom gets us a tin every year. Usually she wraps it as a Christmas present, but for whatever reason she gave it to us yesterday. I broke it open today to have a piece!

12.12.09 Photo of the Day

We met Ditz's mom for lunch at Twisted Root and this was our bill. Three hamburgers, drinks and sides = $42.37. Simply crazy. (but totally worth it. seriously the best burgers around if you like meat other than ground beef. I go for the buffison...)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

12.11.09 Photo of the Day

I walked into the office at 6:30 in the morning and it was still very dark outside. Someone (not mentioning any names -- Natalie) forgot to run off the Christmas Village and the Christmas tree so I got some great nighttime looking shots!

Friday, December 11, 2009

12.10.09 Photo of the Day

Everything at our house is dying thanks to the cold snap that we had pass through. This little guy is going away for the winter and I can't wait until he shows back up next spring!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Your Capture: Lines


This weeks theme over at I should be folding laundry is lines. That's right, lines. And for some reason, in my head, I immediatly start singing the song signs, signs everywhere signs.... Why those things go together, I have no idea.  So here are some line photos for you to enjoy!

One of our home improvement projects.

You can see the lines on the runway, just behind the plane.

This is the pedestal from the airport where I sat for hours and hours on Tuesday.

A sink grid.

A different type of line: chairs all lined up in a row.

This is the line the connects the tractor to the pully thing behind it. (I know I am so technical).

Go check out what others are doing over at I should be folding laundry!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Book Review: The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf

While on the road to California, I brought along two books. One I got to completely finish and one that I am about halfway through.  The book I finished was a spur of the moment purchase at Target.  I usually like to try to read authors who I have read before or who at least someone has told me writes a good book, especially if I am paying full price as opposed to purchasing used books which is what I typically prefer to do.  This is Heather Gudenkauf's first ever novel and I will for sure add her to my reader list. (That's a list of authors whose books that I like so that I can have a more narrowed search when I go into Half Price books). This is a wonderfully sad story, which does not have the story book happy ending. And I like that. A lot, it is more like real life.  It isn't always sugar plums and puppy dog tails. It starts with two little girls who are assumed to be abucuted and weaves an intricate story of all the players involved weaving them tightly together. The main players have their own thoughts and feelings expressed during chapters with which they are the author. This is a must read for anyone who loves authors like Diane Chamberlain and Jodi Piccoult.

12.09.09 Photo of the Day

Finally back at home after a twelve hour travel day on Tuesday. It was awful and I will leave it at that. I did get to bring home a bunch of goodies from my training. They gave us all new showerheads and shirts. Pretty sure I'll never wear the shirt, but that's beside the point it was still a free goodie! Thes rest of the stuff wouldn't fit in my carryon so they are shipping it!

12.08.09 Photo of the Day

There are days when I wished I liked coffee, but I don't. So on a cold (why is it cold in California??) Tuesday morning I got myself a hot chocolate and waited in the hotel lobby for our ride to training.

12.07.09 Photo of the Day

I was in California for Rohl plumbing product training. Our company recently purchased a plumbing company and Rohl is one of the lines that they carry. This is my favorite faucet ever. I think that there is no way Ditz would ever justify it's price tag, but I think it sure is pretty. : )

12.06.09 Photo of the Day

Flying to California for work. It was the longest day of travel ever.  (I actually wrote that before the longest travel day ever which was Tuesday on the way home.)

12.05.09 Photo of the Day

Just a typical Saturday night at home. Ditz on the computer and Chase begging me to throw a toy! I finally loaded the shake it app and I now know why you guys like it. : )

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I ♥ Faces: Sweet Dreams

This week over at I ♥ Faces the theme is sweet dreams.  I love this picture that I took at the Designer Digitals digi-crop in San Antonio in August.  This little beauty was the best baby that I have ever met! (Her mom's really cool too, if your are a scrapper you should check out her website Log Your Memory). 

I love how Kristin is such a good scrapper that she can digi-scrap and hold a sleeping baby at the same time.  Plus, she's scrapping a page with her daughter in it so you can see her face on the monitor!  Want to see more sleeping beauties? Head on over to I ♥ Faces!