Sunday, February 14, 2010

02.12.10 Photo of the Day and Friday Photowalk

I am starting to believe that my Friday photowalks are cursed. : ) Let's review: The first one was fine, a little cold and overcast, but no big deal. The second one I was dying, so it was more of a photo drive. The third one was wet and rainy, but I made it anyway! And the last one, my brakes needed work so I just walked between my office and the car shop.  So, what did this wonderful Friday hold for me? Snow. An entire foot of it!
02.12.10 Photo of the day. (How could it not be?)

So the walk starts by leaving the house. Isn't it cute all covered in snow?

This is a weed.

Looking down the street.

My honey went with me!

A snowman in a bikini!

Slushy foot path.

Ditz's footprint.

Ridge View Farms. There really isn't a ridge, view or a farm.  : )

Pool closed for winter.



The neighborhood park.

A drop.

And we're done.

Next week I hope to actually have a good walk! No snow, rain, brakes or sickness!

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