Friday, February 12, 2010

02.11.10 Photo of the Day

This is Ditz building the world's tallest snowman. It was my photo of the day more for the memory than the actual photo.

And here are a few more snow shots. Remember these are straight out of the camera and need some tweaking but my stupid laptop is at work. : )

Our house, mid day.

5 Inches down by noon.
This is what I look like playing in the snow. Yeah, I still don't own a winter coat.

Not sure what he was doing here, but he sure looks happy. 

Chase playing with his ball.  The snow now comes up to almost his shoulders. So he hops.  I tried to capture that, but couldn't. 

I did take him for a quick walk. 

Our mailbox covered in snow.

See this tree? This tree we've been trying to straighten since we moved in. It was improving, but with all the snow it started leaning again... meaning every few hours this happened:

I was out there shaking the snow hoping to relieve some pressure.  This is at 10 pm, right before bedtime.

Yep, I was appropriately dressed.  I had on pajama bottoms and everything. : ) 
More snow pictures from Friday to come!

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