Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's SNOWING!!!!

I am so excited!! Can't hardly contain myself!

At 5:45ish this morning.

I guess I shouldn't leave my flip flops outside. : )
A big sucky thing about today is that I am working from home, but I left my laptop at work yesterday. So I am chained to my desk, but more importantly (to me, probably not anyone else) is that my photo editing software is on my laptop. So everything today will be SOOC. Ditz did go to work this morning in my car so I am officially stuck here. Not that I planned on leaving anyway, but all the same I am stuck.  I hope that it will stop snowing long enough for me to get out and take a few more pictures without fear that I am going to ruin my camera.  It'll also be nice to get some daytime pics.  They said we could get up to five inches today and I am sooooo hoping that is the case! 

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  1. Be carefule what you wish for. Glad you got your snow, not sure everyone else in Texas appreciates your wish coming true


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