Friday, March 12, 2010

03.12.10 Photo of the Day and Friday Photowalk

Alternate titles: Painful & Amazing

First painful. I started the 30 day shred on Wednesay night and by today my calves hurt so bad I looked silly walking.  I was in such pain, but I didn't let rain, snow or sickness stop me in the past so I wasn't about to let some sore calves stop me!

Second amazing.  I finally found a really cool park that even if I would've been able to walk better I would have to make at least one more trip to see it all.  I walked a little over a mile and still didn't even get to the coolest parts, which I hope to hit next week.

Lakeside Park, Highland Park, Texas
This one just screamed spring so it had to be my photo of the day! I am so excited!!

Be prepared. There will be more sunflare.

Look. A duck.

We aren't out of the woods yet with the whole sunflare thing. I heart sunflare.

Daffodils. More spring.

I hope she said yes.

So very pretty!

So very prickly!

A park where you can't have a picnic? How stupid is that??

Ah, more ducks.

Ok, this is the last one. : ) No more sunflare.....

Just me. Still getting used to these bangs.  But did you notice? I can bend my finger (mostly). Yippee!!

And tomorrow? Another along with Katrina if you want. The words are here.


  1. Love the flare and that! Glad you are bendy again :) Thanks for joining me today!

  2. This is awesome... 2 things:

    First, I feel your pain on the 30 Day Shred. I ordered it last summer and it KICKED MY BUTT! It was so painful I just stopped and went back to the treadmill.

    Second, I was sitting in my boss' office yesterday looking out the window at the gorgeous white blossoms of the Bradford Pear Tree contrasted against the beautiful blue sky, thinking "I SO need a picture of this, but I'm a terrible photographer... Maybe Sarah will take one on her Friday Photo Walk today." SO, THANK YOU! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the first picture.

    Happy Saturday!


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