Saturday, March 13, 2010

03.13.10 Photo of the Day & Katrina's Photowalk

Today I went to the Fort Worth stock yards for Katrina's photo walk by myself since Ditz was working.  I like her walks because they give me direction, but I was so obsessed with getting them all last time I thought I'd try a different approach this time. So today instead of searching out each individual number, I referred to the list a few times and just let my camera carry me the rest of the way. And as it turns out, I missed one, but came close so I am including it.  So here we go:

1. Self portrait with a blurred background.  This one was pure torture for me.  I even tried to think outside the box - my hand, my hair, my shoes.  In the end, I am choosing this one.  I love that I didn't flip my phone around so you can see I am listening to music.  I do that on walks by myself.  Makes me feel less self conscious.
2. Lots of depth - shoot at f/16 or narrower.  This was the one I missed. Kind of forgot this one altogether, but I had a bunch at f/14 so I am calling it close and posting one. ; )
3. Tell a story with f/8. This one is my POTD. This "story" is several fold.  It's where I chose to do my walk. It's rusty, I love rusty. And as you remember from yesterday's post - I love to include the sun in my pictures.  I love the sunflare and star burst.

4. Stop the action. This little pig was flying and those wings were moving so fast. The only way to stop the action was to shoot at 1/4000 of a second.

5. Reflected.  I have tons of reflection shots of me, but I wanted to go with something a little different.  In this store window you can see the reflection of the colliseum. (look closely, it's there).

6. Up close and personal.  This one was a hard one for me to choose one.  I had so many that fit into this category, but in the end, I chose the picture I liked the best even though it was the loosest fit. (I was practically on top of this tiny wagon).

7. Green. Ah, green.  I found this spectacular green door with the coolest shadows. The workers thought I was nuts spending twenty minutes snapping pictures of a door.  Oh well, what do they know.

8. One word. Who would've thought my one word would be tarantula?  And why is there a clock that says tarantula?  And why is it off by so much. (It was 9:00 am). Very weird.

9. Lucky. I got lucky. I got one of the last free parking spots, but that makes for a crappy picture. Just my car in a spot.  I thought about it and then hoped to find lucky somewhere else and I did. I found my fortune in a store window.....

See you guys next month!!

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