Wednesday, June 30, 2010

06.29.10 POTD

06.29.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Hello puppy feet. This is Chase and his new BFF. They spent the evening running around on the patio. Mostly I think Chase was trying to get away from the puppy.....

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

06.28.10 Photo of the Day

I took one on 06.28.10 (several as a matter of fact) but can't share it here. I was told not to, so I won't. Just know it was the most awesome one I've ever taken. Just kidding.

06.27.10 POTD

06.27.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

I was playing around with my father-in-laws zoom lens. It wasn't very fast to focus, so most of the pics are on the blurry side. : ) They have probably five or so nests right now with little baby birds in them.

Monday, June 28, 2010

06.26.10 POTD

06.26.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Personal fireworks show in Paris. We're not allowed to shoot off fireworks in Fort Worth, but they don't care what you do out in the middle of nowhere! This is me playing with sparklers. This is 25 seconds worth of sparkler play.

06.25.10 POTD

06.25.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Leaving town on Friday to go to Paris. Storms rolled though causing tons of traffic delays. Instead of taking two hours, it took almost four. Crazy.

I heart faces: Pets

This week over at i heart faces is all about pets. Or I should say rather, animals, since it is also open to other animals than just pets. I should say that this is not my pet, but it is my mother-in-laws.  She loves her horses, whereas they freak me out.  I don't know why, they just do.  So I never get close enough to them to take good pictures of them as there is always a fence in the way.  So, I decided to start embracing the fence and make it part of the shot!

Head on over to i heart faces to check out more lovely pets!

Friday, June 25, 2010

06.24.10 POTD

06.24.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

This picture was taken at 7:30 am. See that line outside the door of our culinary center? Those are the people waiting in line for the new iPhone. Our place is a half a city block from the Apple Store, but this line stayed solidly passed our door (at one point it was two blocks long) until I left work at 4:00pm. These people are crazy.

06.23.10 POTD

06.23.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Early to a Dr. appointment today so just after sunrise I stopped a caught water droplets on grass. Some day I am going to get a macro lens....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

06.22.10 POTD

06.22.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Grapes: a great afternoon snack in the summer!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The new patio

Here are some of the "during" pictures that Ditz took. To see them all click here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I heart faces: Teens

This week over at i heart faces is all about teens.  I know one pretty cool teen and she, unfortunately, is the only teen in our family... with lots of little kids. She really is the best, plays with them and enjoys her sisters and cousins. And it doesn't bother her when she's the biggest person in the kids photo!

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06.21.10 POTD

06.21.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

The after shot of our patio. (see yesterday's POTD for the before shot). The portion closest to the house is going to be our new garden area where we might plant herbs or maybe not. That's next to figure out. It looks way better in person than this picture shows!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

06.17.10 POTD

06.17.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

I know the most amazing people. I can't process gluten (think flour, everything has flour in it) and it really sucks in an office attached to a culinary center where there is always amazing desserts. On Tueday everyone had chocolate cake, except me. Then on Wednesday night, Pam made me two special desserts. This is gluten-free brownies and not pictured is gluten-free apple upside down cake. I truly know the most amazing people. People who go out of their way to include me.

06.20.10 POTD

06.20.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Just a shot of our backyard as it is today. Tomorrow it should look quite different as we are tripling our patio area. A contractor will come tomorrow rip out our current concrete patio and replace it with pavestones. I am so excited.

06.19.10 POTD

06.19.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

OK, this made me laugh. We were at the Mexican Embassy...well, the food one anyway.

06.18.10 POTD

06.18.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Friday Photo Walk. This, for the second week in a row, is a tennis court fence in Dallas. No one was playing tennis today because it was so stinkin' hot. I only lasted about twenty minutes in the heat before I called it quits!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

06.16.10 POTD

06.16.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Why, yes, I am Mrs. Ditz. Got our save the date card today for a wedding in December. It's funny, I always write Ditzler when writing our last name, it sounds better.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

06.13.10 POTD

06.13.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Best movie I've seen in a long time. If you enjoyed the TV show at all you'll love it. I was a little nervous about a new Mr. T person and this guy was amazing!

06.15.10 POTD

06.15.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

This is Laura. You've met Laura a few times since she or her daughter have been my POTD a few times. She's been back from maternity leave a little while and today was one of the trainers at a session we had at work for our dealers. Ten dollars if you know what she's demonstrating. : )

06.14.10 POTD

06.14.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Chase and Ditz play this game where Chase snarls at Ditz and then licks his nose. It's actually quite cute. I can never get the full on I'm gonna eat you snarl, but I think this is the closest I've ever gotten. : )

Monday, June 14, 2010

06.12.10 Photo of the Day

06.12.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Usually when Ditz goes out of town he comes home with a shot glass for my collection, but since I already have one from Boston, he bought me this instead. It's citrine and ironically matched the outfit I picked him up from the airport in

06.11.10 Photo of the Day & Friday Photo Walk

Well, I made it one more Friday.  I keep waiting for the Friday where the heat is just too much.  I am pretty sure it is coming soon, but luckily we had an overcast kiond of day on Friday so it wasn't too terribly bad.  I had also been saving this park for a while, only because it is literally inside SMU (Southern Methodist University) and to go there during the school year would be a mistake for sure.

POTD. It's tennis ball caught in a fence.  I really shouldn't have to describe every photo.....
That was really hard for me.  The whole not describing the photo thing. See you next week!

I heart faces: Babies

So this weeks theme over at i heart faces is babies! I immediatly thought of this photo because it makes me laugh. Just imagine him saying "oh, geez, lady with the camera go away" or something like that.  I felt like he was fed up with his little shoot, but I thought the face was adorable! 

Still makes me laugh. Go check out all the other babies at i heart faces!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I take good photos!

So very excited my shot of my brother-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law was chosen by Amy & Angie as one of their favorites! Check out all the winners here

Friday, June 11, 2010

06.10.10 POTD

06.10.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Do you remember a few months ago when I bought a few Kodak Brownie cameras? I only ever showed three, because well, I didn't want anyone to think I had gone off my rocker. I saved this one, my favorite one - the most expensive one and the rarest one I own. This is a 1930 Beau Brownie, model 2A in mint condition. I got it for a steal of a deal, but I still paid a lot for it. There was this one guy and I fighting over it on ebay all the way up until the last second. I won it and you would've thought I won the lottery.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

06.09.10 POTD

06.09.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

You know how there are some days in the project where you just snap a picture to say you took one? This is one of those. I was home sick and had to run to pick up Ditz's dry cleaning so he will have a clean suit to wear to a funeral.

06.08.10 Photo of the Day

06.08.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

This is what I am dreaming of for my kitchen. I want one this mixer, even though I do not bake enough to actually need a mixer. Just think how pretty it would be on my counter......

Monday, June 7, 2010

06.07.10 Photo of the Day

Tonight, for the first time ever, I made ranchero sauce from scratch. It took forever and I will probably never try that again on a weeknight, but it was good over the meat ball taco things I made to eat with it.

06.06.10 Photo of the Day

My bedside lamp. I used to take these out of my hair at night and just lay them on them on my night stand. But then I'd knock them off and lose them or step on them and break them. Now I put them on the lamp shade and after about two weeks I take them all off and start the process again.

I heart faces: Play

This week's theme over at i heart faces is play. There are lots of themes where I wished I had kids to take photos of and this is sure one of them! But, I don't and I move on and I pick something.  This shot was not the shot I was trying to get.  I had the balls set up to read 12 - 1 - 8 -10 (12.18.10 - their wedding date) and was hoping that they'd partially stay together after the break.  They didn't (even after several tries), but I like this picture of them playing pool anyway.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

06.05.10 Photo of the Day & I Heart Faces Photo Walk

Saturday I joined 45 other crazy ladies for a photo walk around Dallas.  It was hot and we were all sweaty, but I had tons of fun and met plenty of other photographers around my area!  I am pretty sure that we scared most of the people in downtown, imagine this group walking around:
Photo by Amy Locurto

We had three of the cutest  models to snap pictures of as we walked around.  It was really hard to get great shots since there were so many of us.  I have a love of oddly composed shots since I was either (a) trying to crop out another photographer or (b) trying to avoid being in someone elses shot.  I did capture a lot of people, but I also got a lot of downtown in general.  I will for sure be going on the next walk if we do it again!

My photo of the day.  I actually debated a few, but went with one of the models.  They are 6 and 7 year old sisters (their 8 year old sister is in some of the other photos). Aren't they cute?

Hey, Katrina - you were on my walk.... (she was hosing the Sacramento walk)
This is Amy taking the group shot of us. (there was one where we were all taking pictures).

There was one "rule" on our photo walk.  No awful pictures of anyone else on the walk could be posted. I figure this one doesn't count as awful since she was making funny faces on purpose - and hello, she's gorgeous.

Yeah, me and sunflare.  I should go to rehab.

Amy through this really cool scultpure.

There's me.

They were such good little models!

That red headed one was a ham.

Some people were actually working.

Founders Plaza.

These guys were just awesome!  They were like are we going to be in the paper and someone said nope, but they'd be on about 40 blogs.  Then I think they were trying to figure out what a blog is....

Anyway, I took over 700 pictures and I won't bore you all with them here.  If you want to check out the ones that I have edited so far, you can click here.