Saturday, July 31, 2010

07.30.10 POTD

07.30.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

The awesome thing about this particular Houston trip is that I rode down with Laura instead of flying. So we may have stopped in Conroe at the Outlet Mall and did a little bit of retail therapy.

07.29.10 POTD

07.29.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Another trip tp Houston, two in two weeks. This is my mobile office on the hotel. I've found that the room service book is generaly a great place for my mouse and number keypad.

07.28.10 POTD

07.28.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

So, the classic question. Are Luden's Wild Cherry Throat Drops medicine or candy? I was using them as medicine on this particular day, but I will not lie, they make a good candy as well. : )

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

07.27.10 POTD

07.27.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

First off, I will say again like I have said a hundred times before, I suck at the in the mirror self portrait. I screw it up everytime! I got a haircut today. Lopped off 5 inches and I feel so much lighter! And yes, the focus is on the camera, but I liked this one the best! I actually had one or two that were focused on my hair, but oh well!

07.26.10 POTD

07.26.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Just a boring shot of our patio. We finally got everything planted (except that one plant in the pot, he's an extra in case one of the other ones die). So far the ferns are looking a little iffy (you can't see them very well in this pic, but they are there). Now we just need some cooler weather so we can sit out there and enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

07.25.10 POTD

07.25.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

I love tank tops, as a matter of fact I wear at least one a day, sometimes two. These are the tank tops that I wore last week. Half are nightime tank tops and half are daytime tanks. Just imagine how much laundry I wouldn't have to fo if I just gave up my tank top habit....

07.24.10 Photo of the Day & World Wide Photo Walk

Saturday was Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk and Ditz and I did ours in Fort Worth.  So you may have been thinking this whole time that I was nutso and that no one did these "photo walk" things. Wrong.  33,483 people did their walks on Saturday all around the globe.  There are prizes for the winner, which means someone has to sift through 33,483 photos (we're all allowed to enter one).  So here are mine & Ditz's photos from the walk, but first my POTD, which was taken on the walk:
This is one of those times where choosing a POTD is hard.  Do I go with the best photo of the day or one that is not technically as great, but has more meaning.  I opted to go with the one with more meaning. I took this picture in an dirty window. That's me and that's Ditz.  I really don't know what he's taking a picture of, but I chose this one as the POTD because he couldn't have cared less about going and spending two hours in a hundred degree weather taking pictures. But he went for me and didn't complain, not even a little bit. 

This is the one photo that I entered into the contest.  I like it. Not sure if anyone else will.  It's a light in case you are wondering.

This was the runner up picture for me, but I opted not to use it because everyone and their brother in my group took pictures of the angels on the courthouse. And since there is a Fort Worth group prize, I figured I'd go with something different than everyone else.

Another shot of the angels.

This is the back side of the building where Ditz and I got married. That's all faked, which is weird.

This is the Omni in downtown Fort Worth. A funny side note is that the condos in this building are decked out with the appliances that my company distributes.  This building was a nice bit of money in our pockets. : )

I was taking a picture of the front of ths building when a lady who had clearly been drinking, stopped and told me I should go around to the side of the building because there were heads. I am pretty sure I looked at her like she was crazy since it was entirely clear that she was talking about these types of heads.

I had higher hopes for this shot, but alas it's not as awesome as I envisioned it in my head.

The Fort Worth Water Garden was not on the original map of our walk as layed out by our group leader, but we were walking fairly quickly and decided to go for it.  I was not impressed because it smelled bad. Like rotting water if that is a real thing.

Now for Ditz's pictures!

This is the one he entered for the contest.  I really loved all the weird, funky colors.  Plus, who else takes a picture of an alley under construction. (The answer is both of us and I wouldn't show anyone what mine looked like, it was pretty bad)

His shot turned out better than mine. This building was pretty cool.

I liked this one a lot, but it kind of hurts my eyes to look at. Isn't that funny?

Look, it's THE tower. Ha-ha.

And last but not least, I loved the blue background on this one.  Very weird looking!

Friday, July 23, 2010

07.22.10 POTD

07.22.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Just got home from Houston and looked for just something quick to take a picture of!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

07.21.10 POTD

07.21.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Today is my last day with these guys. I love them after only a week and sending them back to the rental company makes me super sad. The good news is that I have a better idea of what I want my next lens to be. Now all I have to do is convince Ditz that I **need** it!!

07.20.10 POTD

07.20.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

I am in Houston this week heading up some training. The bad thing is that I am fighting a small cold. The good thing is that I have this room all to myself. It's really awesome because I also have my very own balcony and the corner suite!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

07.19.10 POTD

07.19.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Yes, I am not above wasting a little bit of nail polish for a shot. I bought this color hoping that it would be darker than the color I was weariing, but it ended up being light when on, so that sucked. I knew I was never going to wear it and voila - POTD.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I heart faces: Over my head

I should tell you what a regular riot my brother-in-law is.  Loves the silly face. Well, We were taking serious engagements shots for him and his fiancee.  I think she knew something was up when we all started laughing.  She just couldn't turn around and see him because of the way she was sitting!
Ok, now go check out i heart faces for more over head fun!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

07.17.10 Photo of the Day

07.17.10, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

A self portrait. What else is there to do when your husband is trying on nine hundred pairs of pants. I was a little worried that we would get kicked out of the Dillards, but not one single person came in there the entire thirty minutes Ditz tried on clothes. Do you see the camera? It's right beside my shopping bag!

07.16.10 Photo of the Day and Friday Photo Walk

Friday Photo Walk. This is an old rusted well that I stumbled upon on this weeks walk. It'd been filled in, presumably so that people like me would not fall in. Almost all of the paint was chipped, but the details were beautiful. You can tell that back when someone took care of it,it was greatness.
Photo of the day.
The pulley.
More peeling paint.
Yeah, yeah. Sunflare.
I love these. They look like little hearts.
Ball field. Seemingly abandoned.
Look how clear the fuzzies are!
I like these guys, too! Until next week!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

07.15.10 POTD

07.15.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Don't you just hate it when they don't look at the camera. Natalie had the idea for this shot today. We posed this little guy in a forrest of plants.

07.14.10 POTD

07.14.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

We've been working in the backyard trying to get the new garden in order, so just another quick shot to say I took one. These are the "rocks" that sit below a candle that I have. I never liked the rocks so I replaced them with buttons!

07.13.10 POTD

07.13.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Just the sun through our fence. Nothing fantastic about it, but I snapped it and that's all that counts!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

07.12.10 POTD

07.12.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Our new Japanese Maple for our shade garden. I've always wanted one and lucky for me it was the first thing the landscaping guy recommended for the area near the window. It's going to be fantabulous!

Monday, July 12, 2010

07.11.10 POTD

07.11.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

More macro play. TRying to get in as much macro and zoom as I can before I have to send them back. I've pretty much decided now that I need this lens. As in a need in my soul.... : )

By the way, those are toothpicks.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

07.10.10 Photo of the Day & Saturday Photo Walk

No Friday photowalk this week, since I knew we'd be going to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden on Saturday to get ideas for our new "shaded" garden. We saw a bunch of cool things and then promptly went and dropped a boatload of money at the local nursery. Pictures of that tomorrow, if we get them all planted this weekend! Here are some of the things we saw!
Photo of the Day. Very relaxing. : )

I am loving the macro lens!


The best duck shot I've ever gotten.

I love leaves on the ground.

Botanic Garden.

We didn't feel bad about doing this.... because of this...

Again, loving the macro lens.

Black-eyed Susan.

The following photos are by Ditz.