Wednesday, July 7, 2010

07.07.10 POTD

I heart sunflowers. They are seriously my favorite flower ever. Since our area is new, there are lots of empty fields filled with sunflowers so that the owners don't have to mow (weird, huh - city does not make them mow if there are flowers and land owners are cheap). Anyway, it's a bonus for me as I can take a short walk and do a sunflower photo shoot! This one was shy and turned around.
The sun is directly in front of this little guy.  I'd never noticed how interesting the back of the sunflower is until today.
This was the runner-up. In the end I let Ditz choose between the two and he chose the other one. I still love this one just as much as the other.
Ok, I love them. Sue me. Just a few more. Promise.
Look. Sun. Flower. Flare. Sunflower flare. How fun.
Pretty. OK, I'm done.

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