Thursday, July 8, 2010

07.08.10 Photo of the Day & 365 Photo-versary!!

Is that a word?? Photo-versary? Maybe I made it up.  Whatever the case, real word or not, today is my 365 photo-versary.  It was one year ago that I decided to be one of the cool kids on Designer Digitals and hop into the 365 project. It was a random Thursday, in the middle of the month and I just decided to start. This project has captured my heart and soul and I really can't see giving it up - so yeah, I'm starting again tomorrow.  So, today's photo of the day is of a celebration food. Now, grant it, they weren't for me, but they are still celebratory cupcakes! (It's Pam's birthday).

I also thought I'd share my top four POTD subjects.  Yes, thanks to lightroom, I know exactly what the majority of my POTD's are.  I have a theme, sort of.

Food/Drink. Yep, when in doubt, I shoot food. This is my biggest POTD category.

Dogs. Well, mostly Chase, but there is also an Atticus, Cojak, Jade and Lawson shot sprinkled in.

Flowers. They are just pretty.

Candy. Yep, not as many of these, but they are for sure a favorite of mine!

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