Monday, August 9, 2010

08.08.10 Photo of the Day

Yesterday was my 2nd wedding anniversary. Go ahead, think it through, I'll wait. Yep, we were married on 08.08.08. It's really cool because if you can just remember one number then you can remember my entire wedding date. Sure makes it easy!! So, everyone knows how much Ditz hates having his picture taken, right. Well, if not he does. I mean I think he'd rather have hot daggers shoved in his eyes. I am not exaggerating, but on this day he humored me and let me use this neat new gift. (Noticing a theme from yesterday's post? It was quite a camera gift-o-rama for me.)
My photo of the day. Aren't we cute?  Do you know how hot it was? You can actually tell a little bit how sweaty I was in my bangs.  They were kind of matting together.

I think I might have been telling him to smile.

Here I was tickling him. : )

Here's just me.  I've been needing a new picture and this was a great opportunity to get one!

Thought I'd share a photo from last year on our anniversary and one from our wedding day.  This one was taken by Heather while we were in San Antonio for a DD crop.  I find this one amusing on so many levels.  I mean look how short I am and how tall he is!

And then this one from our wedding day, which is my absolute favorite from the day. It was taken by Ditz's brother and who knows what we were laughing about.

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