Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I heart faces : Photo Contest | Scenic B&W

Every now and again I actually find myself with a pretty good picture right around the correct theme for the weeks over at i heart faces. I actually went back and forth for awhile between two which was an even bigger shock!  At the end of the day, I chose this one.  Isn't this how every little girl learns to drive? Grandpa giving her the wheels to a shiny ride, lol.
I guess you have to start somewhere! I just love that he's looking at her and she's looking at me. Don't know why but in the end that's what made me submit this photo! Check out more scenic black and whites over at i heart faces!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

11.27.10 Photo of the Day and Kirk Family Thanksgiving

I shot 619 pictures on Saturday and picking one would be soooo very hard.  There are a couple of really neat smoke shots (from the smoker that was coking something), then there are tons of leaf shots, kids playing and other randomness.  But I thought long and hard and chose this one as the photo of the day.
It's the entire Kirk side of the family sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner.  I only took one shot like this and I was really surprised that everyone was smiling and no one blinked.  Ditz gets to sit at the head of the table since he's the only lefty, so he was in my spot (in case you were wondering about the chair). 
I also shot the Ratcliffs.  




Kelli and Jerry
Then the Pawlewiczs


Jenny and Dagney

Ditz took this one, isn't it cute? All the kids were having a great time in the leaves

It really wouldn't be Thanksgiving without rides on the mule from Grandpa Joe. 

Hey, look. It's me with my mother-in-law, Judi.  I hate that we weren't looking at the same camera. : ) 


And heaven help us, Lindsey is learning to drive. They were practicing parallel parking here.  She only took out nine "cars." 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

11.25.10 POTD

11.25.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

So you know how my husband hates having his picture taken? Well ocassionally he puts his feelings on inanimate objects and decides that they don't want to be photographer either. I was trying to take a nice picture of our boots. It was a really cold day. Then Ditz started kicking them around trying to screw up my shot. So, as a matter of point, this action shot of him kicking around the boots had to be my POTD!

11.26.10 POTD

11.26.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Our tree in our backyard decided to finally make the change! It was a beautiful orange color for about one day and then all the leaves fell off, but it was really pretty for that one day!

11.23.10 POTD

11.23.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

I nearly lost it over this photo. Not because it's anything at all, but simply because I could not find it. And then I would have missed a day. In nearly two years I have never missed a day. I cried a little. I figured that I formatted my card so Ditz went to work on rescuing my data..... and then I remembered: I used the other camera on this day. It was late when I got home. The 5DMII takes way better low light pictures so I got it out of it's hiding place instead of using my rebel. Seriously, I think I would have died.

Friday, November 26, 2010

11.24.10 POTD

11.24.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Just a quick lunch break on the day before Thanksgiving since our offices were closing early. Took a quick walk around Jester Park after eating my lunch. The green with the one tree that has changed looks quite weird to me.

Monday, November 22, 2010

11.22.10 POTD

Today I decided to pull out old faithful. I really love my brownie camera and I really went to town editing this picture. Seriously, I ended up with three edits that I loved for different reasons.  This one is going down in the "record" book as the winner.  I went with this one because of it's vintage feel.

And for those of you interested in the other edits of this picture, here you go!
Am I the only person who occasionally thinks selective coloring is cool?

And then there was this one -  very edgy. Doesn't my red colander on my wall look like a person in this one? (you have to go up to the top one to see the red on the wall). It was kinda creepy.

11.21.10 POTD

11.21.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Yeah, don't ask. I have no idea why I took this picture, but it was the best of the day (out of three - that's right I only took three pictures). : )

Sunday, November 21, 2010

11.20.10 POTD

11.20.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

This is Paige, my grandmother's dog. She's visiting for a bit. I am pretty sure that Chase wishes she'd leave.

11.19.10 POTD

11.19.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Noting like being away from the house for a few days and coming back to loads of junk mail. I am pretty sure that if Chick-fil-a really knew me, they'd no that they don't have to give me coupons to come wat at their place. : )

11.18.10 POTD

11.18.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Took my grandmother's dog for a walk and snapped this shot of the algae in the ditch. A few hours later there were about ten turtles hanging out here, but I didn't have my camera with me then. : (

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11.17.10 POTD

11.17.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

The reason for my quick flight on Tuesday was to go to Louisiana to visit my sick grandmother. Mt mom and I took a few minutes to go out and get some fresh air. We found this cool bridge and water. I really loved the repeating lines on this bridge!

11.16.10 POTD

11.16.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Isn't this a cool sculpture? It's located at terminal D at the DFW Airpoort, where on Tuesday I took a flight on the world's smallest aircraft. I am totally not kidding. I think it was made for dwarfs. And that's coming from someone who is barely five foot one.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11.15.10 POTD

11.15.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

It's Thanksgiving at the office! A time of year where we have soooo much food that it just seems like a waste and every year I try to convince people that there will be soooo much food that not every one needs to bring something. Well, this year, as in every other year we had way too much food! I guess that's what Thanksgiving is about!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 46 - Nov 15th – Silhouettes

It's been a long time since I've gotten an opportunity to enter one of the i heart faces challenges, but lucky for this week I had a willing participant.  I wanted to do something a little different than your typical silhouette shot and we have these really cool offices at work with frosted glass that I thought would be perfect.  Normally when some one is in one of the offices with the door shut we play the guessing game of who's in there.  And based on their basic outline we can generally figure it out.  So that's what led me to attempt this shot.  We took a bunch of fun ones, but I liked this one the best.  Almost like she snuck away to do a little yoga and got caught.
Check out more (and better) silhouettes at i heart faces!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

11.14.10 POTD

11.14.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Today I found this little guy on our winow in the bedroom. He is solar powered so I think he was getting a little juice. It's funny how the most random thing in the world makes a good picture. (or at least I think so, anyway)

11.13.10 POTD

11.13.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

So, for my birthday my mom got me the second best birthday present ever! A five pund bag of chocolate covered sunflower seeds, which are far and away my favorite candy ever. They arrived on Tuesday and I will not say how much of the bag is left. But please not that it is more than this. : )

11.12.10 POTD & Friday Photo Walk

The time has almost come to decide if I want to commit to the weekly photo walk thing again.  I have really enjoyed myself, but at the moment I am pushing the boundaries of how far I can go and come back in the course of an hour.  Maybe next year, I should do every single one in the same place. Or that might get boring, I am not sure.  All I know is that the entire year thus far I have only missed two walks.  So I don't know where I stand on that yet....
Photo of the day. A brand new park bench.
I took this shot both with and without the yellow tree and the one with the little yellow looked a hundred times better.  I thought that was weird. 

Our own version of fall. Not as cool as other areas of the country, but we'll take what we can get. 

There were gazillions of leaves on the ground. 

There was a drainage system that ran through the entire park. 

No one was playing on the playground. It was just too cold. 

Yes, leaves on the ground. 

Can you believe this little park is tucked about four minutes from downtown Dallas?

Just throwing this one is so you guys would know what bench Monday is.  There is a group for everything on Flickr.

I was going to tell you this was New England, but Ditz said I wouldn't fool anyone. : ) 

The lone mushroom thanks to a ton of rain!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

11.11.10 POTD

11.11.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

The view from my lunch time reading area. I sit at the end of a semi abandonded walking trail and watch the people and dogs walk by. Most of them never even see me. It's actually the perfect spot to sit, read and relax.

11.10.10 POTD

11.10.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

My current favorite lunch time activity. Fresh air and a good book. There's only a month or so each "season" that it is nice enough to sit outside and read. This weeks book is The Island. So far it's great. And ofr those of you guys who "do" bench Monday, you'll love the book cover!

11.09.10 POTD

11.09.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

We had the most amazing sunset on Tuesday night. I kept trying to get to a place with a good unobstructed view, but had no luck. So, I opted for plan b, a cool silhouette.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11.07.10 POTD

11.07.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Too early on a Sunday morning for this shot! Basically Chase woke us up at the crack of dawn since he was not aware that daylight saving time had taken place and we could sleep a little longer. I loved this one because I am in it too! That's me with the big muscle. : )

11.06.10 POTD

11.06.10 POTD, originally uploaded by Sarah (SarahDanyelle).

Not often I get people in my POTD! Today was Ryan's (soon to be sister-in-law) wedding shower. She got tons of awesome gifts and Hunter even stopped by at the end!