Thursday, May 5, 2011


My mom was in town for a few days and I may have tortured played with her dogs.  I am pretty sure they like the camera now, since they got an awful lot of treats. You'll notice very few shots of my dog. Well, he's wise to the camera and doesn't care how many treats he will get, he just doesn't want to cooperate!

Caution after this one people photo, it's an entire post of dogs!
My mom (left), me and my mother-in-law (right). We enjoyed one of my favorite places to get gyros in Fort Worth! I think the people inside thought we were nutty for having our picture taken outside.
Hannah, Lawson, Chase and the man playing with the ball. Best 99 cents ever.



My mom playing frisbee.

Hannah (looking wistful, I think)


This is where the torture might have come in. Look it's a puppy in a basket.

Seriously, lady, get me out of here. 

Hannah - a little bit of her own torture.

I mean, how cute is Lawson?

Ok, I think this one actually hurt. 

Lawson & Hannah

Hannah. My favorite of all the pics!

Lawson + sun flare!!

Hey, look it's Chase. 

The best ball ever

I think Chase had given up at this point. Both girl dogs were faster than him. : ) 

And finally. Lawson is a jumper. She can jump super duper high!

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