Friday, May 6, 2011

Two weeks.

Get ready for fourteen days of photo of the days! The good thing about being away from the computer for awhile is that I was still taking pictures but in most cases waiting anywhere from a week to two weeks to pick the photo of the day. It's funny that the one I thought I'd pick wasn't the one I ended up picking when there was a little time between photos. One pictures is actually even a test shot that I took before taking the real shot. I hate the real one but for some reason the test shot spoke to me. So enjoy! Hope to be back posting on a more regular basis and catching up with all I missed while I was away!

04.23.11 - 113/365
We didn't stop and I actually took this photo while stopped at the light.

04.24.11 - 114/365
Easter Sunday! We hid all these eggs, plus some you can't see. All for two little kids.

04.25.11 - 115/365
Don't laugh but you'll find these all over our house. I generally make things with them until I get tired of looking at them and then I round them all up and take the apart and use them for their intended purpose.

04.26.11 - 116/365
Yucky Easter candy that only Ditz will eat.

04.27.11 - 117/365
I sort of fell of the wagon of photographing all the books I've been reading. I remembered while I was reading this one!

04.28.11 - 118/365
This one is one of those days that I loved the photo so much and it wasn't the one I would have picked the first day I loaded it on the computer. Sometimes it really does come down to the editing.

04.29.11 - 119/365
I really do and I really would. Nuff said.

04.30.11 - 120/365
My mom will probably kill me for this one....

05.01.11 - 121/365
You guys have seen this one already. Isn't she cute? Aren't we mean?

05.02.11 - 122/365
This was a bad day where I only took two pictures. I think I was just checking to make sure the camera was working when I shot this. It's funny that I snapped it just as they flashed Obama's birth certificate. I promise that was not what I was taking a picture of.

05.03.11 - 123/365
You've seen this one, too

05.04.11 - 124/365
And this one

05.05.11 - 125/365
I was going to take a picture of Chase sitting right here, but I liked this better. It's our guest room. Isn't it fun and bright?

05.06.11 - 126/365
I have to be honest. I took this same photo on the first and I really liked it but knew that it had no chance of being the POTD, so I waited for a day with nothing and retook the picture. And no, I never moved the ball from the first time. That's under my couch, by the way.


  1. Haha I love the picture of the Bobby pins. My husband gets mad cuz I leave them all over the house.

  2. Great variety. I'm only a couple of days behind. A few weeks ago I was several weeks behind and it was torture getting caught up.


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