Monday, May 30, 2011

Nature Week??

It;s nature week over at Capture your 365. You'll notice that I have a ?? in the title, because I guess I wasn't in a naturey mood. Most of them sort of follow the prompts and some of the might be nature, but a week of nature photos they are not. : )

05.21.11 (metal)I got this bookmark at Mayfest a few weeks ago. When I saw the prompt was metal, I immediately did a photo shoot.
05.21.11 - 141/365

05.22.11 Soon this will be my sunflower. Hopefully they will grow!
05.22.11 - 142/365

05.23.11 (grow)We grow weeds. It's kind of what we do.
05.23.11 - 143/365

05.24.11 (reflection) Here's where I truly deviate from nature. Unless you count that I am a freak of nature. I really wanted to show my new hair color, but really I think the weird colors kind of take away from the blonde, yes blonde, in my hair. (PS - I took this shot using jpg instead of RAW which means this was the best I could do to make this picture even decent)
05.24.11 - 144/365

05.25.11 (up) See now I am back to nature.
05.25.11 - 145/365

05.26.11 (blue) I think today was supposed to be something blue in nature. Well I came up with something orange on the street. Close enough, right?
05.26.11 - 146/365

05.27.11 (horizon)That's my camera bag. I just really liked this one better than all the other true horizon pictures that I took.
05.27.11 - 147/365

Stay tuned for a Cats game!!

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