Monday, May 30, 2011

05.29.11 - Fort Worth Cats Game

We headed over to La Grave Field in Fort Worth to watch a Cats game (minor league baseball). It's so much better than the big leagues. Plus tickets to a Rangers game would break the bank right now seeing as how they are charging extra just because they made it to the World series last year.

We're thinking maybe next year we'll get season tickets. I enjoy going so much.

We get there really early. I'm always afraid that we'll get stuck in traffic and be late. But we're always super early.

This guy got everyone's and I do mean everyone's autographs twelve times. I am not kidding. See that binder? He has all the card in it. We counted two pages per player and six cards per page. I wasn't kidding about twelve autographs. Ditz figures that he's doing it in hopes that one day they get called up to the majors and then he has an autographed card from them when they were minor league. Good strategy I guess. I do wonder if it's ever paid off for him.

This one was almost my photo of the day. That's me and Ditz and our seat mates. Partly I am including this picture of the wall that I cannot see over so that next time we go I will insist a little louder that that was indeed where we sat last time. (I tried that this go round, but he didn't believe me. We get there and I couldn't see very well over the wall. You'll see this way in some pictures further down. I hate being short).

We were on the visitors side. Fleckenstein was my favorite name of the game. However Hunter Jobes came close becuase when we heard it the first time we thought they said Hunter Jones.

This kid was sitting here trying to get balls. He had at least three before he left.

Photo of the Day Alert
05.28.11 -148/365
This one took some patience. I wanted the pitcher to be blurry, but everyone else to be clear. Then I also wanted the Cats sign and downtown Fort Wort to be visible. See the blurry green at the very bottom of the picture. That's the wall. You know, the one I can't see over.

A better view of the wall that I can't see over. This is what it's like being me at the game.

And one last one for good measure. The Cats lost by three, but that's good because all the way up until the 8th they were down six nothing. Really a shame that they couldn't pull it off.

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