Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hey look, an entire day that gets it's own post! Haven't seen one of those in a while! We went to lunch with my mother-in-law and we were going to go to Esparanzas, but at the last minute we decided to go to Joe T Garcias. I've never been a huge fan, but it was different and I had their tortilla soup which is actually pretty good. After that, we decided to got to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing. We bought the complete package and got to go to the planetarium, the museum and see an iMax movie. Here's what nerds we are:
First stop the planetarium. I actually learned a few things, but I am pretty sure the narrator guy was still mad about Pluto being deemed a dwarf planet. He seemed pretty upset about it.

Then it was on to the cowboy exhibit. This cow stood perfectly still for me.

I think they were discussing how cool they would be if they were cowboys.

This part of the exhibit told you what all cows are used for. It was kind of gross.

Then we went to the aerospace exhibit where I tried to get either Judi or Ditz to stand in front of this sign and point to their career. Neither would. Boo on them.

Then we saw dinosaurs and ran into our neighbors. How weird is that?

06.25.11 - 176/365
This is my photo of the day. I came really close to choosing a photo that Ditz took, but I refrained. It's my project. Anyway, I had to power this part of the town and then take the picture. It's tough work.

This is one where I am trying to figure out exactly what I was doing or looking at. I have no idea.

This one taken by Ditz. It's the entrance.

This one was also taken by Ditz. This was a cool slide that the kids could play on.

We were in the kaleidoscopic. We tried to get a picture of all of us. It didn't really work.

So Ditz stepped out and we tried again. This is the first of several pictures where we were annoyed by little kids. Can't you see the grown ups are playing?

I told you we were nerds.

This would have been my photo of the day if I was going to use one of Ditz's pictures. Again, we are nerds and I am OK with that. After all, there was a dinosaur trying to eat us and no one was helping us. Even those people behind the dinosaur were just casually walking away as if it was no big deal. Dinosaurs eat humans every day.

We waited forever to ride this turtle. I think the parents of the little kids waiting to ride the turtle might have thought we were special.

And then because we'd spent so long at the museum it was actually time to eat again. We went to Tillman's which has to be the best food I've ever eaten and then we actually got dessert. Something we haven't had in months. And yes, it made me sick. But it was totally worth it.

OK, slightly more than two weeks. : )

Here's what's been going on!

06.10.11 - 161/365
Got some beef jerky from my mom. It was a sampler pack and was quite good.

06.11.11 - 162/365
Yeah, my sunflowers grew really tall, but not very pretty. Most of the pictures that I have taken are at angles to crop out the unpretty parts.

06.12.11 - 163/365
Started a project that involved me painting these white. Step one, done. Maybe at some point I will finish this project (It's two weeks later and I only remembered this project when I got to this picture).

06.13.11 - 164/365
Nothing special. Just my keys.

06.14.11 - 165/365
My bicycle pump. I suck at filling up the tires, just fyi.

06.15.11 - 166/365
Yeah, just heading out for a run.

06.16.11 - 167/365
Bought a dollar bag of soldiers. All of them are doing weird things. Like this guy looks to be on his cell phone.

06.17.11 - 168/365
Must've been a slow picture day. What can I say, this is the end of dinner.

06.18.11 -169/365
The pretty side of my sunflowers.

06.19.11 - 170/365
Taken with my iPhone. This is me at my resting point nine miles into my 16 mile bike ride. When I finished I nearly died.

06.20.11 - 171/365
My current favorite snack and I really do eat them just like this. It's the perfect mixture of pretzel and peanut.

06.21.11 - 172/365
Some beans for a soup that we have still yet to make.

06.22.11 - 173/365
Finished one of her books. I hated the last two pages, who kills the character on the next to last page? I mean who does that? Oh and that cute little girl, that's me. : )

06.23.11 - 174/365
Water bottles practically litter our kitchen right now.

06.24.11 - 175/365
My favorite shoes.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Two weeks.

Maybe I am just going to start doing these in two week segments now. It just seems that I never have enough time to take pictures, edit and upload on the same day (or even the same week right now). So probably through the rest of the summer I will update photos once a week or once every two weeks, but don't you worry, I am still out there snapping away!

05.30.11 - 150/365
Oh my word. This kid gets cuter every time I take her picture!

05.31.11 - 151/365
These were actually almost dead which is why I blurred out the petals. : )

06.01.11 - 152/365
My parents are in town. These are my mom's glasses, aren't they cool. Plus that's my dad's homework. So a little bit of both parents in one shot.

06.02.11 - 153/365
This dog officially hates me.

06.03.11 - 154/365
Look a rare shot of my dad, there in the back. I think this was the time that they all plowed into me trying to get that stupid ball. (it was popped about an hour and a half later).

06.04.11 - 155/365
When I have no ideas for a shot, I either a take a picture of a camera or by take a picture of shoes. Those are kind of my hobbies. : )

06.05.11 - 156/365
We may have paid more per ounce for these travel size units, but it beats having liquor just lying around that we'll never drink. As it so happens, I am pretty sure you'd see these six months from now still full.

Took me a while to get into it, but once I did it was really good. Except now I think that there are ghosts everywhere. Boo.

06.07.11 - 158/365
I planted my own personal sunflowers this year. This one is totally ready to pop! I can even see a little yellow. The sucky thing is that the only way I can see it is standing on a chair because the stupid sunflowers have grown taller than me.

06.08.11 - 159/365
Speaking of lack of creativity and ghosts..... do you see me?

06.09.11 - 160/365
Pretzels in my salad is my new favorite thing EVER.

See you guys later!