Sunday, June 26, 2011

OK, slightly more than two weeks. : )

Here's what's been going on!

06.10.11 - 161/365
Got some beef jerky from my mom. It was a sampler pack and was quite good.

06.11.11 - 162/365
Yeah, my sunflowers grew really tall, but not very pretty. Most of the pictures that I have taken are at angles to crop out the unpretty parts.

06.12.11 - 163/365
Started a project that involved me painting these white. Step one, done. Maybe at some point I will finish this project (It's two weeks later and I only remembered this project when I got to this picture).

06.13.11 - 164/365
Nothing special. Just my keys.

06.14.11 - 165/365
My bicycle pump. I suck at filling up the tires, just fyi.

06.15.11 - 166/365
Yeah, just heading out for a run.

06.16.11 - 167/365
Bought a dollar bag of soldiers. All of them are doing weird things. Like this guy looks to be on his cell phone.

06.17.11 - 168/365
Must've been a slow picture day. What can I say, this is the end of dinner.

06.18.11 -169/365
The pretty side of my sunflowers.

06.19.11 - 170/365
Taken with my iPhone. This is me at my resting point nine miles into my 16 mile bike ride. When I finished I nearly died.

06.20.11 - 171/365
My current favorite snack and I really do eat them just like this. It's the perfect mixture of pretzel and peanut.

06.21.11 - 172/365
Some beans for a soup that we have still yet to make.

06.22.11 - 173/365
Finished one of her books. I hated the last two pages, who kills the character on the next to last page? I mean who does that? Oh and that cute little girl, that's me. : )

06.23.11 - 174/365
Water bottles practically litter our kitchen right now.

06.24.11 - 175/365
My favorite shoes.

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