Thursday, June 9, 2011

Two weeks.

Maybe I am just going to start doing these in two week segments now. It just seems that I never have enough time to take pictures, edit and upload on the same day (or even the same week right now). So probably through the rest of the summer I will update photos once a week or once every two weeks, but don't you worry, I am still out there snapping away!

05.30.11 - 150/365
Oh my word. This kid gets cuter every time I take her picture!

05.31.11 - 151/365
These were actually almost dead which is why I blurred out the petals. : )

06.01.11 - 152/365
My parents are in town. These are my mom's glasses, aren't they cool. Plus that's my dad's homework. So a little bit of both parents in one shot.

06.02.11 - 153/365
This dog officially hates me.

06.03.11 - 154/365
Look a rare shot of my dad, there in the back. I think this was the time that they all plowed into me trying to get that stupid ball. (it was popped about an hour and a half later).

06.04.11 - 155/365
When I have no ideas for a shot, I either a take a picture of a camera or by take a picture of shoes. Those are kind of my hobbies. : )

06.05.11 - 156/365
We may have paid more per ounce for these travel size units, but it beats having liquor just lying around that we'll never drink. As it so happens, I am pretty sure you'd see these six months from now still full.

Took me a while to get into it, but once I did it was really good. Except now I think that there are ghosts everywhere. Boo.

06.07.11 - 158/365
I planted my own personal sunflowers this year. This one is totally ready to pop! I can even see a little yellow. The sucky thing is that the only way I can see it is standing on a chair because the stupid sunflowers have grown taller than me.

06.08.11 - 159/365
Speaking of lack of creativity and ghosts..... do you see me?

06.09.11 - 160/365
Pretzels in my salad is my new favorite thing EVER.

See you guys later!

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