Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 12 - 18th

I am actually posting another grouping of pictures! Crazy times. Anyway, I do want to semi-apologize. I seemed to have rediscovered my hipstamatic app and I might have used it for everyone of these photos. Enjoy.
01.12.12 - Getting ready for a really cold run. These are my favorite running tights that I got for my birthday. The only bad thing is that it has to be REALLY cold to wear them and so I've only gotten to take them for a spin three times since I got them. (PS. Ditz thinks they are hideous)
01.13.12 - Chase. I think he was trying to figure out why I am so weird. 
01.14.12 - Went to my mother-in-laws to watch a movie. She was working when we got there and instead of offering to help, I took pictures. At the time I snapped this one I didn't even notice that the horse had turned around to look at me.
01.15.12 - 5 mile hike with the hubs at our favorite hiking place. It was so nice out that the trail was packed and that kind of sucked, but it was still a good work out.
01.16.12 - One of the windows near my office. I always think that I want to go into this store and then remember that we got one of their catalogs at the office and I can't even afford a throw pillow from here. 
01.17.12 - I buy the vast majority of my books from Half Price Books.  One of the really cool things about buying used books (besides them being way cheaper) is that you find all kinds of "bookmarks" that people left behind.  I've found a couple of plane tickets, movie stubs and other notes. This is the latest one. Apparently the Megan clan rox. 
01.18.12 - Ditz and I both spent the day in bed sick. It was not cool or fun. Plus the dogs were confused as to why we were still home.

So, there we go. Another week of photos!

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