Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 13 - 27

Here we go again! Another bunch of super awesome shots. Ok, I know they are not all awesome, but some might be.
03.27.12. The half a Potbelly cookie. I will miss you when our office moves in a few months. I think I need to have one every day until then. I am super thankful that my friend Natalie loves them too so that we can share. 
03.26.12. A much needed rest and relaxation day. A half marathon the day before meant sitting my little butt on our couch all day. I chose to be internet free, phone free and people free. It was just nice to not talk to a soul all day. (well until Ditz came home anyway - I did speak to him. That would've been rude not to). 
03.25.12. Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Dallas. I'll be doing a race recap soon on the other blog if anyone is interested. Let's just say the theme song for this race was this song.  That's not to say that I didn't enjoy it because I did. I have another one in May and I can't wait. 
03.24.12. Yogurtland, I love you. Let's get married. The end.
03.23.12.  In response to the tweet below, I was actually taking a picture of the lake so it's cool.
03.22.12. Love these new Arizona coworkers. They are super sweet! I actually took three hundred pictures on this day so they should consider this a big deal. 
03.22.12. Couldn't not include this one. Two of my favorite Texas coworkers hanging out with me in Arizona. I have no idea why it looks like someone punched me in the eye. 
03.21.12. Seriously. Do not disturb this girl. She might get all stabby on you.
03.20.12. Our Arizona office. I think that sculpture out front is hideous, but apparently it's against the law to have color on the buildings and signs. So I guess someone thought a hideous sculpture with lots of color was really needed. 
03.19.12. Breakfast at the airport. This might be my new favorite drink. Too bad it costs a million dollars. 
03.18.12. Happy birthday to my lovely husband (in the middle).  Met his dad, step-mom, brother and sister-in-law for a great little lunch! Oh yeah and we did that. Because boys love their cars. 
03.17.12. Another birthday celebration of sorts for the hubby. Spent the day with his mom and we even saw a parade. I can not remember the last time I went to a parade!
03.16.12. The new bedroom furniture that I am pining for. I love it and am ready for it to come live with us. 
03.15.12. Chase and Ditz. I have no idea what they are doing but Chase looks so sad. 
03.14.12. New shoes take 2. (there was also a take 3 on 03.23.12, but that didn't end up being the POTD. That is one on the millions of things that lead me to have a bad race day.)  I didn't return these though, I am keeping them to work into my rotation of running shoes. Ideally, I'll run 5K's in these. Just not half marathons. I think I would die in them. : ) 
03.13.12. New shoes take 1.  I was a mile from the car when I snapped this picture. I wanted them OFF my feet and didn't care that I was going to have to walk a mile back to the car barefoot. I love Luke's Locker. They let me exchange these for the shoes above even though I ran outside in them. They have a fan for life. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

February 23 - March 12

I'm about to bore the snot out of you. : )  I'll start with the most current and work my way backwards!

03.12.12 - Out with the old (pink) in with the new.  Finally got around to going to the running store to get a new pair of shoes. Here's hoping I like these as much as I like my first pair. (Would've just bought another of the glycerin 9's except they hurt my feet after about 7 miles. Hoping the defyance 5 are better for longer runs).
03.11.12 - HDR shot of mile 9.5 of my 11.5 mile run. The rain had just stopped where I was but the clouds were still settled over Fort Worth.
03.10.12 - At the mall. We weren't actually looking at this stuff but I saw the display and couldn't resist taking the picture.
03.09.12 - Whoever invented 100 calorie packs of Wholly Guacamole should get his or her special day, like President's Day or something.
03.08.12 - New running skirt that I bought specifically for my half marathon. But I took one run in it (this one) and I didn't find it comfortable enough to wear for 13.1 miles. Shorter runs maybe. 
03.07.12 - From our refrigerator. I buy these in bulk. : ) 
03.06.12. I love my Bondi Bands. They keep sweat out of your eyes and you can get tons of fun sayings. 
03.05.12- Homeowners Association Meeting. We didn't win anything. 
03.04.12 - At the in-laws house for a lazy Sunday afternoon.
03.03.12 - At the mall sitting outside the dressing room. 
03.02.12 - Be prepared. One of the things that I decided to do this year is to take a picture of every yogurt that I eat. It originally started for me to keep track of really how I often I have it, but now I think it's going to be a fun photography project. I'm even considering making a book with all of them.... who knows. Anyway, I know you'll see another one further down. (PS - I am really trying not to make too many of them my POTD, but some days it just works like that).
03.01.12 - Heading home from Phoenix. Our flight was delayed by an hour and a half which really sucked.
02.29.12 - Bonus day! Leap Day! The view from the front of my hotel in Phoenix.
02.28.12 - The view from my hotel room. You are jealous. I just know it.
02.27.12 - A book that I enjoyed until I got to the end. I hate books where the end just ruins it for me. Feels like such a waste of time.
02.26.12 - We bought new carpet for our "library" - ie, front room. That's about a quarter of my books on our guest bed. Note it's two layers thick. I read a lot. : )
02.25.12 - Race day! I got a medal (everyone did, I didn't actually win anything). I didn't die. The end. 
02.24.12 - Bib pick up for a race I was totally unprepared for. : ) 
02.23.12 - Last day entertaining a guest from our Phoenix branch. Everyone should experience Fuzzy's once in their life. 

February 6 - February 22

A rush of pictures all at once! Sorry for the photo dump.

02.22.12 - Chick-fil-a. This totally happened for dinner and it was absolutely divine!
02.21.12 - Entertaining someone from out of town and we hit up La Duni for dinner. $200 dinner for free (4 people). Yes, please sign me up. 
02.20.12 - There are some days when you look back later and are like, really? That's all I took a picture of that day?  Gluten-free Ginger Snapz. One of my favoritist gluten-free things.
02.19.12 - Hannah-banana sleeping on the couch with me. Wish I knew what I was watching. It looks weird. 
02.18.12 - A book I finished. I have been really into teen literature for some random reason. This one was kind of cool because she got to go live with the founder of uMe (which is just Facebook, but not called Facebook because that would be against the law or something). She did not take advantage of that like I would. 
02.17.12 - At the airport again. Heading home this time.   I am quite familiar with gates A28 & A30.  
02.16.12. Forget Disneyland. This is the happiest place on Earth for me. Isn't it funny that there are palm trees in the background?
02.15.12 - I ate this. It is not gluten-free. I paid the price. But dang it was GOOD.
02.14.12 - Happy Valentine's Day. Boo that I was in Arizona away from my valentine!
02.13.12 - The view from my bed in the hotel. It was very creepy-like. 
02.12.12 - My favorite part of my favorite running trail. This was about 7 miles in. There's a cemetery on the left and the right. It's kind of weird. There's a road, but it's blocked so no cars can pass, so it's just me and the dead people. 
02.11.12 - Tutti-Frutti yogurt. They are third in the list of my all time favorite yogurt places. In today's yogurt? Caramel yogurt, peanuts, sprinkles, cherries, & chocolate chips. Yum.
02.10.12 - Dinner at Pei Wei. This was my fortune. 
02.09.12 - On the plane again. This was one of the many jets that have flown me back and forth from Dallas to Phoenix. 
02.08.12 - The night I couldn't sleep. Stayed awake all night.  I usually love the beds at the Radisson, but on this night everything kept me up. 
02.07.12 - Flying west. 
02.06.12 - Specials. Finally finished this book. I should have been smart and ended the series here, but because I knew there was fourth book I just had to go out and buy it. The fourth book ruined the series for me. : (