Friday, March 16, 2012

February 6 - February 22

A rush of pictures all at once! Sorry for the photo dump.

02.22.12 - Chick-fil-a. This totally happened for dinner and it was absolutely divine!
02.21.12 - Entertaining someone from out of town and we hit up La Duni for dinner. $200 dinner for free (4 people). Yes, please sign me up. 
02.20.12 - There are some days when you look back later and are like, really? That's all I took a picture of that day?  Gluten-free Ginger Snapz. One of my favoritist gluten-free things.
02.19.12 - Hannah-banana sleeping on the couch with me. Wish I knew what I was watching. It looks weird. 
02.18.12 - A book I finished. I have been really into teen literature for some random reason. This one was kind of cool because she got to go live with the founder of uMe (which is just Facebook, but not called Facebook because that would be against the law or something). She did not take advantage of that like I would. 
02.17.12 - At the airport again. Heading home this time.   I am quite familiar with gates A28 & A30.  
02.16.12. Forget Disneyland. This is the happiest place on Earth for me. Isn't it funny that there are palm trees in the background?
02.15.12 - I ate this. It is not gluten-free. I paid the price. But dang it was GOOD.
02.14.12 - Happy Valentine's Day. Boo that I was in Arizona away from my valentine!
02.13.12 - The view from my bed in the hotel. It was very creepy-like. 
02.12.12 - My favorite part of my favorite running trail. This was about 7 miles in. There's a cemetery on the left and the right. It's kind of weird. There's a road, but it's blocked so no cars can pass, so it's just me and the dead people. 
02.11.12 - Tutti-Frutti yogurt. They are third in the list of my all time favorite yogurt places. In today's yogurt? Caramel yogurt, peanuts, sprinkles, cherries, & chocolate chips. Yum.
02.10.12 - Dinner at Pei Wei. This was my fortune. 
02.09.12 - On the plane again. This was one of the many jets that have flown me back and forth from Dallas to Phoenix. 
02.08.12 - The night I couldn't sleep. Stayed awake all night.  I usually love the beds at the Radisson, but on this night everything kept me up. 
02.07.12 - Flying west. 
02.06.12 - Specials. Finally finished this book. I should have been smart and ended the series here, but because I knew there was fourth book I just had to go out and buy it. The fourth book ruined the series for me. : ( 

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