Friday, March 16, 2012

February 23 - March 12

I'm about to bore the snot out of you. : )  I'll start with the most current and work my way backwards!

03.12.12 - Out with the old (pink) in with the new.  Finally got around to going to the running store to get a new pair of shoes. Here's hoping I like these as much as I like my first pair. (Would've just bought another of the glycerin 9's except they hurt my feet after about 7 miles. Hoping the defyance 5 are better for longer runs).
03.11.12 - HDR shot of mile 9.5 of my 11.5 mile run. The rain had just stopped where I was but the clouds were still settled over Fort Worth.
03.10.12 - At the mall. We weren't actually looking at this stuff but I saw the display and couldn't resist taking the picture.
03.09.12 - Whoever invented 100 calorie packs of Wholly Guacamole should get his or her special day, like President's Day or something.
03.08.12 - New running skirt that I bought specifically for my half marathon. But I took one run in it (this one) and I didn't find it comfortable enough to wear for 13.1 miles. Shorter runs maybe. 
03.07.12 - From our refrigerator. I buy these in bulk. : ) 
03.06.12. I love my Bondi Bands. They keep sweat out of your eyes and you can get tons of fun sayings. 
03.05.12- Homeowners Association Meeting. We didn't win anything. 
03.04.12 - At the in-laws house for a lazy Sunday afternoon.
03.03.12 - At the mall sitting outside the dressing room. 
03.02.12 - Be prepared. One of the things that I decided to do this year is to take a picture of every yogurt that I eat. It originally started for me to keep track of really how I often I have it, but now I think it's going to be a fun photography project. I'm even considering making a book with all of them.... who knows. Anyway, I know you'll see another one further down. (PS - I am really trying not to make too many of them my POTD, but some days it just works like that).
03.01.12 - Heading home from Phoenix. Our flight was delayed by an hour and a half which really sucked.
02.29.12 - Bonus day! Leap Day! The view from the front of my hotel in Phoenix.
02.28.12 - The view from my hotel room. You are jealous. I just know it.
02.27.12 - A book that I enjoyed until I got to the end. I hate books where the end just ruins it for me. Feels like such a waste of time.
02.26.12 - We bought new carpet for our "library" - ie, front room. That's about a quarter of my books on our guest bed. Note it's two layers thick. I read a lot. : )
02.25.12 - Race day! I got a medal (everyone did, I didn't actually win anything). I didn't die. The end. 
02.24.12 - Bib pick up for a race I was totally unprepared for. : ) 
02.23.12 - Last day entertaining a guest from our Phoenix branch. Everyone should experience Fuzzy's once in their life. 

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