Monday, April 16, 2012

March 28 - April 15

Here we go again!  I should mention that some of these pictures are going to be really bad because as it turns out my camera lens (on my phone) was apparently dirty for a few days and I never noticed it. I am such a good little photographer.

04.15.12 - Sunday's right now for me are all about the "long" run. That'd be the day of the week when you are supposed to run the longest to prepare you for whatever distance race you are running next. Well, this girl has another half marathon at the end of May so that mean double digit long runs. This was supposed to be a 12 miler that morphed into a six miler thanks to an ankle injury that I am blaming on Ditz. This was the point where I sat my self down and tried to figure out if I really needed to turn around. (I did. It's the size of a small grapefruit).
04.14.12 - Pretty flowers at the landscape place. We had to go to pay for some landscaping that we had done and I just love looking at all the flowers thinking of how pretty they would be in our garden. And then I remembered that I hate gardening, so I took a picture and left. 
04.13.12 - Yes, this is a picture of my screen. I actually used my camera therefore this qualifies as a photo. I just love inside jokes with friends. This one is the best and works in so many ways. 
04.12.12 - I was rocking out. Singing a long and then realized that I was rocking out to Justin Beiber. Someone help me.....
04.11.12 - Another flower picture. This amaryllis used to be in our front garden area but it did not fit with the new theme (not that it ever fit with the old one either). We had them transplant it into a planter and brought it inside. It never bloomed when it was outside. Not one time. It's inside for two days and boom. Flower. 
04.10.12 - One of my favorite new things is the hashtag seenonmyrun on Twitter. (click here to see some things) This is one of the things I saw on my run on this day. The one good thing about the hubs being out of town every now and then is that I get to do my shorter week day runs on the Trinity Trail system and not just my Sunday runs. This is by one of my new favorite parts. (It's about 30 miles if you do the whole thing and I am working in sections until I do it all)
04.09.12 - Finally got to see this. LOVED IT. (I hate that it rained and the movie poster looks like crap, but oh well).
04.08.12 - Sunday's are really all about the long run, even Easter Sunday.  This is my recovery wear that I wear after every long run or race. Compression socks and Nike Frees. I kind of looked like an idiot but I didn't really care. I should also add that I am wearing khaki capris. I am not that tan. 
04.07.12 - The in-laws. I've taken this exact same picture a hundred times. I just really like it. 
04.06.12 - Having yogurt at my third favorite yogurt place. Sucks that it is the one closest to our house. : (
04.05.12 - Hello, traffic. I hate you.
04.04.12 - This was one of the days where my lens was dirty. : ( This is a portion of the landscaping work that we had done. They built this neat retaining wall around our sidewalk. I'll just be happy if everything makes it at least one season. 
04.03.12 - Favorite smoothy ever. Strawberries, blue berries, watermelon juice and raspberry sorbet. Yummy. 
04.02.12 - I really liked the weird look my ice had here. If I would have had my big girl camera I think this would have made for a very cool shot. 
04.01.12 - There is a patch of bluebonnets next to my running path (several actually). I was so early coming through on this morning that the sun was just coming up behind them and there was a fog coming off the river. It was quite magical. 
03.31.12 - After taking a while off nursing a knee injury, my favorite running buddy is back. Here's hoping he can continue running injury free!
03.30.12 - Remember that time we won the lottery? Oh, yeah, we didn't. I did however stand in line for twenty minutes for this stupid ticket. 
03.29.12 - No one should see the Amazon (UPS) delivery man as much as we do. It's just so darn convenient. 
03.28.12 - I started with a run picture and I will end with a run picture. This used to be my favorite running path, but now that the weather has gotten a lot nicer there are more people, so I have given this spot up until fall probably. I'll miss you Trinity Park Nature Loop. : ( 

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