Monday, July 16, 2012

California Trip # 1

We just got back from a super lovely 10 day vacation in California! It was so great to just get away a decompress, but the side effect of that is that I now have 9 million pictures to edit and maybe post on this little photography blog.  First post or two will just be people photos and stories that I just want to remember and pictures to share with family, so it won't hurt my feelings if you skip these. After that, I'll post some of my favorite real pictures from the vacation!  PS. Some of the pictures look blurry, but I promise you in real life they aren't. Stupid blogger uploader. 

This wasn't just a Ditz and Sarah vacation, it was a Jones family vacation with his dad, step-mom, brother & our sister-in-law. Here's the whole gang before our wine train adventure. And yes, this is a picture of a picture but I assure you it's legal since we actually bought the picture, I am just too lazy to pull out my scanner. 

We also visited the redwoods, however the family day we went to smaller woods. Ditz and I went together after the family left to bigger ones. 
The only three group shots I guess I'll put together. : ) This is us on the segway tour. That's the hotel that we stayed in for seven nights. It was really great!
Ditz and H even braved the ocean for a quick jog.
This was before they got all wet. 
My in-laws. Taken on the side of the road. Such a cute picture!
My mom kept telling me as I was posting pictures on facebook that it was ok to take off my helmet. Clearly she doesn't remember how clumsy I am. 
At the love bridge. That face that Ditz is making is exactly how he felt about said love bridge. 
I should mention that I was actually moving when I took this.  Pretty darn talented if I do say so!
Ditz was special with his grey helmet. That's a tee pee by the way, not just some sticks. 
Hanging off the side of the cliff. And that is why we were wearing helmets.
Too funny not to share. (the trophy says world's greatest wife). 
The last time we went to San Francisco we took a picture very similar to this. At some point I expect Ditz to smile on one of them, but that is clearly never going to happen. PS. don't you love how the wind is blowing my hair straight up in the back? 
Slightly better, I guess.
Father and sons. 
Our hotel room had a fire pit on the last night we were at this hotel (his dad had one the first six nights) so this is what we did for a few hours before bed. This is Ditz's picture, I take no credit. (It's actually perfectly clear, it's just looks blurry on here).

I'll save the rest of the pictures for the next post! 

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