Monday, August 6, 2012

California Trip # 2

Here are some more of the "people" pictures from our trip!!
Yeah, there were people watching me do this. Such a nerd!

See how big that tree is?

Do you see Ditz?

Some nice ladies took this picture for us. Unfortunately, in the uncropped photo there is this really gross sign. Ugh. Non-photographers. : ) 

This is his tree, see how he's sitting on it protectively?

We'd be hiking along and then I'd stop to look for Ditz and he'd be doing that. I wasn't allowed to carry the camera at this point since I'd tripped so many times. : )  

Probably should have taken off the sunglasses. Did I tell you it was cold the entire trip? Well, it was cold the entire trip. 

Had to get one of me. 

Spent Friday with some friends of Ditz's. We went to their wedding way back in 2006. Now they have a son, who for some reason loves Ditz. Doesn't he know Ditz hates kids?? 

The last two pictures from the trip. Overlooking San Francisco at sunset. I think it was maybe 30 degrees with loads of wind blowing. 

Next up.... the good pictures!

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