Saturday, February 27, 2010

02.27.10 Photo of the Day

Today I went to my friend Laura's baby shower. I had tons of better pictures (read: smiling and holding things up) but this one really captures Laura. She has the greatest laugh and smile!

And today's runner up!

Friday, February 26, 2010

02.26.10 Photo of the Day and Friday Photowalk

Alternate title: gloomy

I don't know what's been going on lately, but all of my walks recently have been dreary. I know it's still techinically winter, but this has to be one of the wetest, snowiest and cloudy winters on record.  And for once I have photographic proof. : )   This week found me at Curtis Park. We've held our company picnic here so I've been a few times, but only in the summer months. Trust me when I tell you this place is gorgeous when the flowers are blooming.

02.26.10 Photo of the Day.  Looking down the ladder.

Looking up that same ladder.

Just the top of the playground.

The top of a sign.

Swing chain.


On the ground.

Part of the old bridge.

It was GLOOMY and the water looked black.

This guy tried to attack me when he realized that I did not have any bread.

This'll be a pretty flower in a few months.

I had to climb down that wall to get this shot. I could almost stand up in that drain just to give you scale.

 I remembered to wear better shoes today.
I love locks.

Swim away, little man.

Ok, now allow me to be a five year old boy for a second. This seriously made me laugh.

Gets me every time. : )

02.25.10 Photo of the Day

A dollar if you can figure out what this is, or more accurately what this is a part of. I'll give you a hint - I took it at my office.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I can't leave well enough alone....

I have mentioned before that in March my mom is going to the AKC Agility Nationals with bubble dog - I mean Hannah.  Each state gets shirts made to wear on state day (reminds me of those funky days we had back in high school....).  This year, the shirts all say G.R.I.T.S. (and then smaller, girls running in the south). See all the dogs that qualified in Arkansas are girl dogs. Girls rule, boys drool. Anyway, something else they get to (or have to, not sure which) do is do photos in front of the state flag.  It's the one time I wished I lived closer to home or could've run up to take pictures (I'm an awesome photographer in case you haven't heard).  But, I don't live close enough. So someone else took the pictures.  So what did I HAVE to do with them? Edit them. They may never use the edited versions, but I like them. So here they are. (and yes, I am still bored and will be for the next few days.....probably would've never played around with them if I wasn't bored.)

Group Photo:

My edit: I brightened up the colors and I edited out the feet of the people holding the flag.....and I might've shaved a few wrinkles off. Just maybe. (She's the one on the right with the sheltie - we love sheltie's).



My edit.

02.24.10 Photo of the Day

No idea what this plant is, but we have them in the office. This morning the light was perfect!

Bored. With a capital B.

That's what I posted last night as my Facebook status and it was true.  I was bored.  I'd walked two miles by six. I have been limiting the amount of TV I watch, so I used up my alotment of TV time by seven.  I used up my "computer" time by eight.  (Facebook on the iPhone doesn't count, it's my rule and I can have all the loop holes I want).  The book I'm reading right now does not intrigue me at all.  Thinking that I will just move on and pick a new book.  Anyway, Bored. Capital B. Katrina replied that I could do her photowalk around the house challenge that she'd just posted. So, I took her list and starting snapping. (I am a photo nerd so any excuse to photograph.....)

1. Green
This is a photo I've been meaning to take for awhile now, but just never sat down and did it.  Sure I've taken hundreds of pictures of things on my bookshelves, but never a big shot of the "library." (It's my house, I can call it what I want).  Well, a main feature of the library is the big green wall. I just always imagined a room with bookshelves on every wall and green paint in my dream home.  What I ended up with is bookshelves on one wall and one wall of green paint.  I'll take that any day.  Also, as most people know Ditz hates having his photo taken, well he hates printed photos of him just as much.  So this is the room that I was permission to put up as many "us" photos as I want. So there are 40. Yep, 40 in a roughly 11 foot by 11 foot room.  (I'll also add that someday we'll get something to sit on in this room, but everytime we pick something out we change our minds.  I can't wait until I can read in my library.)

2. Cheer

I used to take yoga four nights a week at this great place in Dallas, but once we moved to Fort Worth the drive home was late and long and I just couldn't do it anymore.  So, I stopped.  My former yoga instructer works with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and they made a video, which I bought.  For him, not the girls, but this was seriously the only thing that struck me as cheer last night. (I'm going to have one of those bodies, see number 5).

3. Chunky

Ditz and I decided a long time ago that since we are both such awesome photographers, there's no reason that our pictures can't be on the walls. (So, yes, every single picture hanging on our walls were taken by one of us).  We also decided that we only wanted originals of anything else that is hung up.  We're no painters, so the three paintings that we own are all originals.  This one is the one that a door to door salesman sold Ditz. Yes, I said door to door salesman. It's a reproductionish piece, but the guy did paint it himself.  I chose this for chucky because this painting has lots of texture.  It's made with chunky paint. (Plus, I wanted to pair it with my smooth picture. : )

4. Smooth

One of the other paintings in our house.  We love bluebonnets - two of the three paintings are of bluebonnets.  This one was a gift from Ditz's dad who told us we could pick anything from their art collection when we first got our house as a house warming present.  Well, we would take an expensive one.  It's how we roll. (This is also an oil painting, but a smooth one).

5. Retro

You just wait. Someday I am going to fit into these jeans again.  They've moved with me three times, but I haven't been able to fit into them since that first move.  They were a size too small when I bought them but I made them work back then.  Well, fast forward a few years and here we are. They look at me everyday. I think this is the year I get to wear them again!!

Also, one last little paragraph. This is my 300th blog post. Holy cow, I talk a lot. Lol!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

02.23.10 Photo of the Day

If Chase could talk, he'd probably be saying right about now - "just throw it already." This is his favorite of all his toys and since it's been so cold here we've been paying in the hallway. (Doesn't he looks so sad??)

Just for the record, my POTD today was supposed to be something snow related. The weatherman promised and then didn't delivery. Mean weatherman. : )

02.22.10 Photo of the Day

I got these two candle holders twelve years ago and I think they are the only thing that I have had that long (knick knack wise). I tend to donate stuff when I've moved on but for some reason these guys have always made the cut and the move with me. I love the reflection. : )

Sunday, February 21, 2010

02.21.10 Photo of the Day

Ditz saw this cool old house on our way out of the LBJ National Grasslands.  Going was very spur of the moment. About three o'clock on a Sunday and we decided to drive the 45 minutes to see what was there. We got a little lost on the way there and we ended up being the only people at the park, but we had fun.

And since it's my blog, I am throwing in a few other pictures from our "trip." (We were gone four hours total including travel time.)

This was the lake (it was very cloudy and overcast today)

You could see the bottom of the lake from the bridge. Were there really people stupid enough to jump?


This was basically the only grass we saw in the "grasslands."

I love these things.

The bridge was cool.

Ditz and Chase crossing the bridge.

Chase coming back for me.  (Since there was no one else there, he got to be off leash)

Another view of the house.  I loved this house. : )

Not sure what this used to be but they were now using it as a fence post.

Flat Rock Cemetary.

Whatever this is, I like it. : )

Saturday, February 20, 2010

02.20.10 Photo of the Day

Chase's favorite thing in the whole wide world is a car ride. He doesn't care for us putting him in the back seat, but it's better than sitting at home. : )

Friday, February 19, 2010

02.19.10 Photo of the Day & Friday Photowalk

It's Friday! And since I have really enjoyed the alternate titles in the last couple of Friday photowalk posts, I think I am going to keep up the tradition!

Alternate title: Finally. As in finally a good day to go out and take a picture. Not too cold a little overcast, but I could deal with that. I finally made it to Tietze Park which is where I intended to go two Friday's back before having the car trouble.  Now here's the thing.  You may wonder if I check out these places beforehand or if I just show up and hope for the best.  Well, it's mostly a just show up kind of thing.  Some are places that I have seen or places I drive past on my daily travels around Dallas. And some, like Tietze Park, are ones that I've never seen and actually had to map out how to get to. I'm not going to lie, I was a tad disappointed in the park overall, but I did get a few good photos.

02.19.10 Photo of the Day.  This was done by nature (I can only assume) because there were tons of tables will little leaves sticking out of them.

I should mention that this is what I look like trying to take pictures right now. My finger is in the splint for two weeks.  This is my reflection on my car window.

I love fences.

I wore the wrong shoes today.  They got all muddy.

Chess anyone? I thought these were cool.

Spring may be just around the corner. (There was still a little snow on the ground in places - lol)

Some poor little kid lost this toy.

Almost all the trees looked like this.  Something bad happened along time ago to knock them all down and yet they continue to grow.

How cool is this? You can see the spider web coming off the bud.

I loved the tone on tone of this.

This is what the trash cans were chained to. I thought they were cool.

This is my runner up POTD. I don't know why, it just sort of speaks to me.

Plus one other great thing about today's photowalk.  I only shot in RAW. Which will mean nothing to almost everyone, but it was one of my goals for February.  I worked up to it because I was chicken.  I started the month shooting in RAW & JPG. While in Houston I got rid of the JPG's, but this was my first big shoot (186 photos today) shot in RAW.  I am proud.