Sunday, October 3, 2010

09.25.10 POTD & Vacation Day 2

We only had a few hours in Salem, MA so we opted to do one of the trolley tours.  It was a beautiful day (I mean look at the blue sky).  We were turning a corner and I saw this mirror and snapped a really quick picture. If you zoom in you can actually see Ditz and I in the back - me taking the picture and him looking the other direction.
We had lunch in Salem at a little place called Rockafellas.  We both got the fish and chips. It was OK, not awesome like I hoped.  There was a lot of that, me trying to find good fish and chips and not bein able to!

I just thought that this was really cool.

We were waiting here for our trolley. I really liked our trolley driver, she was really funny and made people shut up that were distracting. Super!

I really liked this blue bicycle.

Everything was very witchy.  If we would have had more time I might would have gone in to one of these little shops and maybe had my fortune read. : )

I don't think there was anything in particular about this house that was brought up on the tour, but I liked it anyway.

This is America's oldest candy shop. Of Course we went in, but getting there was a pain in the butt. Ditz ended up dropping me off and then making a loop since we couldn't find parking. I picked up a couple of things (ok, maybe more than a couple).  It was really good!

Another little light house. This one was very tiny.

Don't know why, but I really liked these windows.

There would probably be more pictures except it is really hard to take good pictures out of a trolley.  And once that ride was over we basically hopped immediatly in the car to head to Southbridge, MA. This was the last sunny day other than one day.

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