Friday, October 8, 2010

Notre Dame

As promised here are some of the shots from Notre Dame in Southbridge.  It's a shame to think that they are thinking about closing this beautiful church.

These are part of the doors.  I guess they are standing guard.

These are the door knobs. There is quite a funny story about this door, but I will not share it for fear that the hubby might kill me.

This is not Notre Dame. This is the church across the street.  I had to work really hard to get this shot without the Dunkin Donuts in the picture. (It's right next door).

Thisi s Notre Dame, or part of it anyway.  I realized today that we never went across the street to take a full size picture of the church. Hopefully it's still there the next time we make it up.

The inside of the church.

Little people like this creep me out.   There are carvings everywhere.

These are LED lights. How very modern.  There is a funny story that happened here to, but I won't tell it since it makes me look like an idiot. : )

Check out the organ and all the archetectural details.

The ceiling is quite cool as well.

And finally more of the little angels.

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