Monday, May 30, 2011

05.29.11 - Fort Worth Cats Game

We headed over to La Grave Field in Fort Worth to watch a Cats game (minor league baseball). It's so much better than the big leagues. Plus tickets to a Rangers game would break the bank right now seeing as how they are charging extra just because they made it to the World series last year.

We're thinking maybe next year we'll get season tickets. I enjoy going so much.

We get there really early. I'm always afraid that we'll get stuck in traffic and be late. But we're always super early.

This guy got everyone's and I do mean everyone's autographs twelve times. I am not kidding. See that binder? He has all the card in it. We counted two pages per player and six cards per page. I wasn't kidding about twelve autographs. Ditz figures that he's doing it in hopes that one day they get called up to the majors and then he has an autographed card from them when they were minor league. Good strategy I guess. I do wonder if it's ever paid off for him.

This one was almost my photo of the day. That's me and Ditz and our seat mates. Partly I am including this picture of the wall that I cannot see over so that next time we go I will insist a little louder that that was indeed where we sat last time. (I tried that this go round, but he didn't believe me. We get there and I couldn't see very well over the wall. You'll see this way in some pictures further down. I hate being short).

We were on the visitors side. Fleckenstein was my favorite name of the game. However Hunter Jobes came close becuase when we heard it the first time we thought they said Hunter Jones.

This kid was sitting here trying to get balls. He had at least three before he left.

Photo of the Day Alert
05.28.11 -148/365
This one took some patience. I wanted the pitcher to be blurry, but everyone else to be clear. Then I also wanted the Cats sign and downtown Fort Wort to be visible. See the blurry green at the very bottom of the picture. That's the wall. You know, the one I can't see over.

A better view of the wall that I can't see over. This is what it's like being me at the game.

And one last one for good measure. The Cats lost by three, but that's good because all the way up until the 8th they were down six nothing. Really a shame that they couldn't pull it off.

Nature Week??

It;s nature week over at Capture your 365. You'll notice that I have a ?? in the title, because I guess I wasn't in a naturey mood. Most of them sort of follow the prompts and some of the might be nature, but a week of nature photos they are not. : )

05.21.11 (metal)I got this bookmark at Mayfest a few weeks ago. When I saw the prompt was metal, I immediately did a photo shoot.
05.21.11 - 141/365

05.22.11 Soon this will be my sunflower. Hopefully they will grow!
05.22.11 - 142/365

05.23.11 (grow)We grow weeds. It's kind of what we do.
05.23.11 - 143/365

05.24.11 (reflection) Here's where I truly deviate from nature. Unless you count that I am a freak of nature. I really wanted to show my new hair color, but really I think the weird colors kind of take away from the blonde, yes blonde, in my hair. (PS - I took this shot using jpg instead of RAW which means this was the best I could do to make this picture even decent)
05.24.11 - 144/365

05.25.11 (up) See now I am back to nature.
05.25.11 - 145/365

05.26.11 (blue) I think today was supposed to be something blue in nature. Well I came up with something orange on the street. Close enough, right?
05.26.11 - 146/365

05.27.11 (horizon)That's my camera bag. I just really liked this one better than all the other true horizon pictures that I took.
05.27.11 - 147/365

Stay tuned for a Cats game!!

Finishing out food week

Here's the final two food pictures before moving on to nature photos!

05.19.11 Food at it's source and for me that's at the store, but I wouldn't take a picture there, so here is my refrigerator. : )
05.19.11 - 139/365

05.20.11 Strawberries. A nice cool drink. : )
05.20.11 - 140/365

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's food week!!

Super exciting because I love food. : ) This week over at Capture your 365 we're doing food and I have to tell you if you want to drool, go take a look at the gallery. There are so many wonderful looking foods! So without further ado, my first four days worth of food shots!

05.15.11 (Prompt was photograph something you eat)
05.15.11 - 135/365
Ditz was able to get our grill working and made this lovely plate of food for me (well, I did the rice. Rice is hard to make...) Anyway, we tried a new spice on the chicken and let's just say I won't be using that spice for a long while!

05.16.11 (prompt was photograph something edible)
05.16.11 -136/365
The dentist will kill (as if he reads my blog) but my favorite thing about staying at a hotel is the ice. Perfectly bite sized. Sucked I was only there for one night!

05.17.11 (prompt was photograph food with a prop)
05.17.11 - 137/365
Those apples aren't real. Don't try to eat one, you'll just hurt yourself.

05.18.11 (prompt was sweet)
05.18.11 - 138/365
I should have dipped them in sugar since that is my preferred way to way to eat them. If I had a macro lens I would have for sure, but alas....

Stay tuned for the next group of food photos!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

05.14.11 & Hunter's graduation post

Hunter and his wife graduated from college on Saturday. It was really cool that they got to graduate back to back since they now share the same last name. (On the program there is a name in between them, but that person didn't show). I have tons of pics, so I'll start with the photo of the day and then you can see the rest of the day in chronological order or skip the rest. : )

05.14.11 - 134/365
Lisa, Ditz, Hunter & Ditz

Hunter's waving. That's Ryan right next to him not looking at us.

This guys wife was graduating. She had about fifty people there. Or so it seemed.

Hunter and the empty envelope (we know there aren't really diplomas in there). The sucky thing about them being one right after one another was that I missed Ryan.

Back at their seats.

Ditz capturing graduation.


Husband and wife.

Ryan's mom and dad, Jill and Russell.

Lisa, Hunter and Ditz.

Husband and wife. The breeze blew at just the wrong time exposing his face to a little sun. Boooooo, wind.

All the "kids." We went and had a late lunch at Dodies in Rockwall. How I got to choose the restaurant I'll never know.

Ditz and Lisa, better known as "the adults."

The boys

The girls

And finally,Ditz and I.

05.11.11, 05.12.11 & 05.13.11

It's still toy week over at Capture your 365! Here's some more toy shots:

05.11.11 - 131/365
The theme today was black and white, but at the end of the day I decided I liked brown and white best for this photo. Close enough, I say.

05.12.11 - 132/365
A free toy from that they sent us to get our business back. We are such suckers.

05.13.11 - 133/365
Todays prompt was broken. And the only toy I would comfortably mutilate was a toy that couldn't be broken, so again I bent rules slightly. I burned mine. It's still broken, just a different kind of broken.

That concludes toy week over at Capture your 365. Next week is food and if there is one thing I know a lot of, it's food. : )

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

05.09.11 & 05.10.11

Over at Capture your 365 we're doing May Merriment. I didn't get to play last week when they were doing flowers, but I should be able to get this week done!  This week it's toys. I am going to do the same toy for all of the days. I chose one that Ditz brought me back from India a few years ago.

Eye level, when I am laying on the ground.

05.10.11 - 130/365
An action shot. Thought about either cropping out my arm or using one without it, but thought it kind of explained what was going on a little better.

05.08.11 - 128/365

05.08.11 - 128/365
This was such a lazy shot.

05.07.11 POTD & Mayfest

We headed out to Mayfest in downtown Fort Worth on Saturday. We had loads of fun and ate loads of bad things.

We had one of these on the list of no-no's for a while. Luckily that person snapped out of it.


Hey look, it's that guy from TV.

I don't know this kid. He was having so much fun in the water garden.

Here I am again this time with my mother-in-law. This was her Mother's Day present (going to Mayfest, not a picture with me).

05.07.11 - 127/365
This is my photo of the day, well part of it anyway.